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My first response when i saw your title, was "Of course I would take it personally, I take everything personally." But in this case, I think you are being too thin-skinned. IMHO, you went far beyond the call of a typical child care provider and if somehow they did have a problem with you, it would be their problem. Just think of all the mama's on here who are trying to find someone who is willing to use their cloth, etc. This family just opened you up to accept a...
I'm not even pregnant yet, and I WANT THAT DIAPER!! Somebody buy it, quick!
Everybody take a look at my charts and let me know what you think BE HONEST!
Ok, I've been reading this thread since the original post was posted, but I finally felt the need to de-lurk and state two things: 1. Shannon, I love you. 2. Lisa, I don't think you did anything wrong. You sound like a very responsible dog owner who ran into unfortunate stupidity. It also sounds as though you have gone out of your way (and far more than most people would do) to attempt to ensure that this unfortunate incident does not recur.
Buy a two-pack. That way you can test today and again tomorrow morning if you need to.
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby I believe that you get into the jury duty pool by getting your driver's license. This is correct. They no longer use voter roles for jury duty.
Elaine, thank you for the info. My biggest fear was PCOS. So here's my next question. I don't have medical insurance. Do I just call up a doctor and say "Hey, I need my thyroid tested, order the bloodwork", do I need to go to an endocrinologist to have it done, can a midwife order the bloodtest??? Thanks so much for help. ETA: Actually, nevermind I just spoke with the midwife we have chosen for if we ever get pregnant, and she said she can order the tests for me....
Elaine - Welcome! It's really great to have a professional among us! How exciting! i do have a question about temps. I have been charting since April, and my temps seem to be consistently lower than the other charts I see. My highest coverline has been 97.2, and the highest temp I've had was 98.3. Could these low temps indicate a problem, or is this just the way my body is. Also, I am about 80 pounds overweight, if that makes a difference. Thank you so much for...
:Morgan Congrats :
Thank you Alexis. I think this is exactly what I was looking for and, as usual, you articulated it so much better than I can. BTW, your's was one of the 'faces' I missed the most. I'm 26 and we've been trying for 6 months. Everyone tells me that I'm young, and that's not long, and I shouldn't have this overriding fear that I can't get pregnant. However, I spent 3 years in the Navy running a nuclear reactor. Because there are so few women in that field (particularly...
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