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Short Version: Today is CD1, went for my baseline U/S: huge cyst on my right ovary, so the this cycle is cancelled, the doc thinks we should move right to IVF, that is not an option at this time, so treatment is on-hold again indefinately, fostering back on, foster parenting class starts tomorrow morning. It's one thing to change horses midstream, but even I think doing it 5 times in the same stream is a tad ridiculous. I'm feeling really good about the current plan and...
Celeste - thank you.
Kelly You are in my thoughts, as well. And just for those of you who would like MORE drama: another low temp this morning, and another negative test leads me to the conclusion: I'm not ready to stop treatment. So. Hopefully AF will arrive by Monday because I have my baseline U/S scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. If she doesn't show by Monday (assuming the blood test is neg, which is a safe assumption at this point) the clinic will prescribe something to bring it on....
Well, I haven't been posting because I have been resisting the pull of getting my hopes up. Now that it's too late for that, I'll give you the short version: After the longest LP of my life (today is 17dpo), my temp plummeted this morning. I have a Beta scheduled for 11:30 that I'm going to go ahead and have done just because it's a pain to reschedule. I've just called and signed us up for the Traditional Fostering class. Brenda, I'm sorry. But I'm so excited for...
Quote: Originally Posted by MomBirthmomStepmom I'm sorry, but you have to deal with it. He married her, and she took his name. It's now HER name. That's it. I'm sorry if you have issues to deal with regarding marrying a previously married man, but maybe it's time to talk to a counselor or someone about it if it's really gonna bug you this much... :
DH's ex kept his name - primarily to have the same name as his kids. It really doesn't bother me. And our last name is very unique. I guess I've never really understood why 2nd wives think 1st wives should HAVE to change their names.
I'm here.
Mother I'd Like to F$%&
Typically, if a foster child becomes available for adoption, the foster parents have first shot. Is that what you mean? If you're asking about foster-to-adopt, which would be children whose initial goal is adoption, I'm not sure yet how that all works.
Quote: Originally Posted by polka123 I'm really unclear how fostering works if a babe would b/c available. I'm not real sure what you mean by this. But my heart tells me to wait for a baby. Head says the money would be really nice.
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