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I opted out of the preschool route because of the long schedule. I found a WONDERFUL daycare that does arts and crafts, reading, numbers, ABC's, foreign language, ect. Since it was a daycare I could pick the schedule I wanted. I did two days a week. I dropped him off at 8am and could pick him up anytime I wanted before 5.
I have looked into local colleges. The universites here want you to have your AA first. I'm halfway done with my AA but can't finish it at the CC right now. My DD is only 6 months old and I'm not willing to leave her. I have decided against UoP because they require group projects. I do not like working in groups in school. I want my grade to depend 100% on my work not other peoples. I'm going to call Arizona State University and Washington University tomorrow. They...
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewsMother Correct me if I am wronge, but UoP covers more unit hours during a traditional semester. Their classes are 6 weeks, so maybe you would take more classes during a year than you have pell grant to cover. You are right I didn't look at it that way.
I do qualify for the pell grant. However University of Phoniex is like $400 something a unit. Washington State is like $600 something a unit since I'm non resident. I'm wondering how pell grant would cover the whole thing for Washington but not for University of Phoniex. I was told I would have to take out student loans to go to UOP.
Quote: Originally Posted by beesknees I am currently researching online programs as well. Depending on what you want to study, I do think the idea of online programs through a traditional university is a good one. I have seen interesting programs for library science, adult education, and communication science (pathologist and assistants). One school that I am currently considering seriously for a post-bac teaching certification is Western Governor's...
My community college only offers a few classes online. I would have to go to school for 80% of my classes. That doesn't work for me because I live about an hour away from the closest school. Not to mention I don't have daycare. I will look further into the online thing.
I'm thinking about going back to school. The only way its possible for me to continue my education is online. There are so many schools to choose from I'm not sure which one is best. I've done most of my research on University of Phoniex and Ashford. Can you tell me which one you picked and why. Any positive or negative experiences with online schools? Do you have your degree? Were you able to find a good job with your degree? Any other schools I should consider?
Which school do you go to? Were you able to get a job with your degree? I'm thinking about going to school online. There are so many to choose from I'm not sure which one to pick. I'm hoping to become a teacher or at least sub.
Anyone have any good BLW links? I don't have money to buy the book right now but would like to read up on it.
Any moms do this? Just wondering how flexible of a work schedule is it. Meaning if they call you to work do you have to accept? Can you tell them how many days a week or month you want to work?
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