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Beautiful story. Congratulations, mama! This brought tears to my eyes.
First time that I remotely felt any desire and we tried was about 15 weeks post-partum. It felt horrible & I called it off, he was very understanding. I got AF back when baby was 6.5mo, and that didn't change a thing about my, err, mojo; I still don't have a lot of drive. However, in the past two months we've dtd three times (baby's 10mo now) and it feels good & comfortable now, not achy & pinchy & painful, so that's good at least! I'm actually participating in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gillian28 Here's a couple of recent pics of Royce: Santa hat (this is the one I used for our holiday cards) look at those dimples! so cute. great xmas card pic
Quote: Originally Posted by starling&diesel Here's our holiday babe ... in a fabulous hat knit by my mom. It's so hard to get her to sit still for pics lately! ohh, so sweet. Does your mom sell that hat on Etsy? Cause she should! Here's the only holiday picture I've gotten of Maia: wearing reindeer antlers. Hehee!
I ordered 5 handmade puppets from this Etsy shop. Looks like she's closed for now to catch up on orders, but I promise you, everything was adorable! I also grabbed some legwarmers from Nifty Knees that are technically a Christmas gift but she's already wearing them Maia's new trick is clapping. She'll do it on her own when music comes on, or if we say "clap clap clap"! Hilarious. She's walking all over the house these days (she's been walking for about two or three...
Quote: Originally Posted by heinz28 A Very Good Year: I just watched the video of Maia walking!! Congrats! That's SO cool. She's so young too! Adorable. You must be so proud. Thank you I am proud of her, but it's very bittersweet in a way. She's so independent and I have trouble thinking about her as a "baby" now. She's growing up so fast!
Well, Maia's finally officially walking. She is all over the place! It's hilarious, and I'm so proud of her, but it's also kind of heart breaking to see her being so independent.
My husband and I took a Child CPR/AED course with the Canadian Red Cross a few months ago and so my fear of Maia choking and hurting herself is far lessened. I don't ever want to have to use the skills I've learned, and thinking of her turning blue terrifies me -- I'm so happy to hear that Junes is alright! Maia walks between objects, but still doesn't like to take more than 5 or 6 steps at a time. Sometimes she'll walk back and forth between my husband and I for awhile...
My daughter went through several phases where she'd wake up and want to play for a few hours in the middle of the night. It's tough, and frustrating, and I soooo feel for you. I never found a solution, she just kinda got over it. She'll still wake up and want to stay up infrequently these days, but whatever, at least it's not every dang night.
Well, Maia's learned how to splash in the bathtub, so now bath time is even more fun! She takes 3-4 steps at a time to move between objects or reach me, but seems to have no interest in doing it more regularly than that. I'm okay with it, because once she's walking... omg! no more baby! I have returned to work part-time, so I see other babies and ask how old they are all the time. Whenever the baby is younger than Maia, all I can think of is "wow, Maia seemed so much...
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