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Yeah, what sunflowers is true. Harldy any doctor will ask what the custody agreement is or if the NCP has medical rights. ::sigh:: However, it will put the NCP on alert that if anything is done (non-emergency) without both parents consent that there can/will be legal reprucussions. Now, I guess if you have a NCP that could care less what happens legally then it means nothing. But it does give you a leg to stand on legally to have it in a temp order or divorce...
OMG!!! Obama!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! OMG! I'll be laughing about that for days!! ..and....and...hahahah! "Nice hot cock" LOLOLOL. OMG. The people at work think I've lost it....these are hilarious. The only thing I've got from my son is another "cock" story. He came home insisting that we need a bunch of cocks in the house. ::insert my stunned and confused single mother face here:: Then he tells me, very seriously, that one of the cocks could sleep between...
: ...because no matter where I live I seem to have a spider magnet imbedded in me.....and beacuse I have a REALLY bad craving for popcorn. One with an egg sack would have sent me.over.the.edge.
Hmmm, not entirely sure about that situation...can she get an emergency temp order? When we had our temp order and now in our divorce decree any non-emergency medical issue MUST be agreed up between parents in writing or decided by the court (when a parental disagreement occurs). We generally have the same medical views, thankfully. Hoepfully there will be other mommas/poppas with better insight/knowledge.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmonter But isn't it the idea that in 20-30 years when your life insurance rates would go up, that your children will be grown, you and your spouse will have an okay nest egg to pay for a funeral, your house will be paid off and so on that you don't need a big lump sum like $250K to deal with it all? So you don't need the term life anymore because you're in a better place financially and are basically self-insured. If that...
None. No mortgage, no car payment, no SL, no credit cards. And there's money in savings....about half my check each month. Thank you, Dave Ramsey for the guidance.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarahmae1 Graco Nautalis - harnesses to 65lbs then becomes a booster. Around $140. I THIRD this one. We got it about 4 months ago....LOVE IT!! We needed something to grow with. Easy to clean and my son loves his own little cup holder (although it's been known to hold many other things).
We're going through the same thing. Ugh. I get upset too because it feels like he's intentionally pushing my buttons. I even asked him, "Are you trying to make me mad on purpose?" and, of course, his answer was "Yes." I honestly don't really think that's what he meant, but it sure feels like he's making himself mad on purpose. I tried the bed to earlier thing, but "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." I mean, I can't force the kid to close...
Maybe they are in perfect context for the page that they were originally taken from... We're all (I inlcuded) making a content judgement based on an excerpt from a web page based in Serbia. Who knows...just musing.
Are you angry because they are aponsored by Pampers? I'm assuming that's why and not because of the tips...which are all very good and realistic (well, except the bfast, lunch and dinner on days when there is school/work).
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