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Quote: " STBX, I know we havent discussed this for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to offer again the invitation to use webcam for talking to DS. I really think that DS would benefit from it, as he could see you and perhaps participate more in your nightly conversations. IMHO, this is as much as I would put in...or with the link at the bottom and times that you will be available with DS. I've learned after two years of doing this that it's best...
Quote: Originally Posted by LuxPerpetua I think some kids are bigger jumpers and climbers than others. Trying to stop dd from jumping off of high places is like trying to hold back an ocean wave. It's in her genetics. All I can do is try to make her aware of her limits. Other kids are not like this, I think. Ugh, I agree. It's just in my DS blood to try risky things. Sometimes it makes my heart skip a beat. Other kids won't even try what he...
I dunno. I let mine jump....as long as he's in the middle....but this is also why we have a savings jar for a trampoline. Lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by jenners26 *When you find yourself watching iCarly and actually liking it long after the children are in bed. (Don't judge me...Spencer is hilarious!) : i like iCarly more than my son does....i have to *ask* to watch it. Lol. I watched 15 mins of SpongeBob the other day when I was home by myself before I even wondered why I was watching it.
When you can't find your lipstick because your purse if full of crayons, toy cars, snotty tissues, the lovey, a juice box, etc....
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan That idea is really cool. Lol. Thanks for thinking so. It sounds really weird when it's written, but it has REALLY helped...especially with issues that are considered "taboo". Gives him a safe place to open communication with them and how to handle them. It's almost like a different version of puppet therapy (which was terribly annoying to me cause I don't enjoy talking to a stuffed animal). Lol.
Ha, ha. This thread has me LMAO. My son, whose only 4, is totally fixated with those tomato plants that grow upside down and will completely freeze to zone into the TV when this commercial comes on. Scary how those things suck people into the TV. although, some of that stuff is pretty cool.
This is an awesome thread...some very good tips. Lots to read, but worth it. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=394579 You are not completely failing as a mother. Just might take some tweaking on your part. (((((hugs))))
O.M.G. I haven't gotten past page 5, Lol., but I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that screams these things in my head. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath IN so these things don't come OUT! Nothing to rant about right now, but, MAN, I could have used this as a place to put some frustration the other night. Geesh, it's threaputic to just read, sympathize, and laugh. :::
Another 4 yo who's content sleeping with me...but it's just me and him so I enjoy the company. He fell asleep in his own bed the other night and stayed there all night, but when I asked him if he wanted to sleep there again he said, "No, no, NO, nooooooo, THAT will NOT be happening again!" Lol. Ok. I don't see him moving outta my bed anytime soon, but I'm fine with that.
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