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I just wanted to say I'm so sorry about your mom's diagnosis. I imagine this will be a tough holiday season, and will keep you in my thoughts.  
So proud of us, we met our one year breastfeeding goal!   Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the help here over the past year.  Between the fantastic archives and the questions I asked when we were having trouble in the beginning, this forum has been such an amazing resource.     To all the moms who start out on a rough road... keep trying but don't beat yourself up.  I promise it gets easier. 
There are some great youtube tutorials, thats where I'm starting. I found that threading the machine was really intimidating, but it went just fine. After that, it was recommended that I start with a 'kwik sew' pattern first. Good Luck!
Ann Arbor has midwives, but the only home birth midwife we could find was already booked when I was two months pregnant. There were rumors of another one, but she had apparently moved out of state. It's a great town for nutrition and fitness, too. Have you looked at Traverse City? It might be a good fit, too. Very active population there.
Yup, using the lansinoh again, but still really uncomfortable. Feeling *very* discouraged. She's refusing to nurse more than three or four times during the day, and then once or twice at night. We went to a lactation consultant at the midwife clinic today, and she says the latch is perfect. I don't want to clue the baby into the fact that I'm so uncomfortable, but I'm sure she notices. So discouraged. She's only nine months old, I don't want this to be the...
I don't have that particular style, but I will say that I've been really unhappy with the overall quality of the oldnavy maternity clothing. It is probably similar to the regular old navy stuff. I find that it looks really worn out after just a few washes, and the seams are not well made. Milknursingwear has been a good resource for me, fairly good deals to be had if you are willing to watch and wait.
My daughter is 9 months old, and nurses 5 or 6 times a day, and eats some solids at her own pace. This week she's breaking in her two top teeth, which means she's a bit of a pill, and nobody is getting any sleep. Nursing feels different now, sorta like a little pinch and somewhat uncomfortable. She isn't biting or anything, she seems to be doing everything she normally does. Will this go away, like it did when I started nursing? Is there anything I can do to make...
I've had a few eyebrows raised my way when having a glass of wine while nursing. Here is the thing, though... these people actually care enough to be concerned, and don't have the same information you have. There has been such a strong push in the US to educate the public about how bad drinking while pregnant can be, I suspect that some might just extrapolate that public service announcement to breastfeeding. Use it as an opportunity to teach them something interesting...
Our pediatrician says anywhere from 7 times a day to every 7 days is within normal for little ones until they're a year old. Crazy... I suspect that they're pretty uncomfortable at day seven!
Saw this on the front page, thought I would respond even though I usually just lurk in the earth forum. What I remember from veterinary school is that this is somewhat challenging to accomplish properly. You will need a lot of info on the genetic basis of the stock you have, and you will need to track that stock very carefully. A quick look over my old books shows nothing specifically about closed herd mgmt, it is such a niche that I suspect there might not be full...
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