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We take off our shoes at the door. For several reasons--comfort, ease, organization and cleanliness. I think it often tends to be region- and culture- specific. It's the norm around here to remove your shoes at the door. It's not so much the norm in the Midwest where my family lives though.
I have ordered many items from Etsy. I have had one item get mis-delivered (but found) and two lost out of all of those transaction, but the seller has always resolved it with me. I would contact the seller and let them address the issue. I have had nothing but positive experiences buying there and with customer service.
Quote: Originally Posted by graceomalley I've studied the Finnish education system a little and it's hard to isolate the exact thing that makes it work - it seems to be a combination of things working together, not least the lack of formalised learning until they're 7. They don't have the need for academic 'catchup' programs (like Reading Recovery) or the social problems which plague many other school systems either. I'd love to hear more of...
Tar Beach is a beautiful and interesting book, and it's always a hit. Quote: In one of the most visually exciting books to appear in a long time, artist Faith Ringgold has created a picture book based on her story quilt, "Tar Beach."... Ringgold's boldly imaginative acrylic paintings brilliantly capture the power of a child's soaring imagination on the twilight edge of dream. My son's first grade class has also enjoyed The Hello Goodbye Window and...
I used to live in a one bedroom apartment with my child, and it worked out well. It was all about organization and making a space for everything. And we spent a lot of time doing things outside of our living space. We eventually outgrew the spaces after a few years, but, in all fairness, they were small, one bedroom apartments. I think it's totally doable.
We do layers too. That way he's never overly cold and can remove layers if he gets too warm. My child wears a hooded sweatshirt or a light spring jacket--and sometimes both if it's going to be an overall cooler day.
I was just looking for this info. And you have it right here. Awesome. Thanks for posting it here.
Slings in the City has a meeting tomorrow. I think it's at 3 near the Alice in Wonderland statue with a rain location of Metro Minis. It tends to be baby talk of all kinds and is a good way to meet other parents. slingsinthecity.com is the site and KT has posted a thread about it: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1215058
Check out Dr. Ajl. He's at 121 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, and the number is (718) 250-8784‎.
The Continuum Center for Health and Healing might meet your needs, but it's not in LIC. It's on 28th St. and 5th Ave. My son sees Dr. Hops, and I see Dr. Chaudhary. I think highly of them both. I know they have 2 acupuncturist on staff as well--Arya Nielsen and Basia Kielczynska. I have also heard about Integrative Health as well, and they have a Manhattan location (57th St) and acupuncturist on staff as well. If I remember others, I'll post them too.
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