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I would also suggest a wrap. The issue would be choosing the right fabric. Woven wraps are made of a material with a diagonal, cross weave so I would look for something similar if you want to DIY. Or you could use heavy gauze. I have heard of people using osnaburg fabric. This woman posted about making her own wrap: http://www.inhabitots.com/2009/01/27...baby-carriers/ And there was a thread on TBW about making your...
I loved a woven wrap. It was definitely my most used and most comfortable carrier when my son was a toddler. I used a ring sling or pouch a lot in toddlerhood for quick ups and downs, but for long distances and travel and the like, the wrap was the most supportive for me. For soft structured carriers, I love both the CatBirdBaby Pikkolo and Boba. I think I'd like to own one of those in my ideal baby carrier collection. For back support, I like the Pikkolo because it...
I'd say the CatBirdBaby Pikkolo with waist belt. It's easy to use, fits a variety of body types well, comes in more plain colors. It crosses in the back, which I personally find more comfortable (most SCCs like the ERGO have backpack straps with a sternum clip). And it also makes the straps fit my narrow shoulders much better. Also, it's the only soft structured carrier you can face your baby out in AFAIK. When you say the ERGO was too long, you mean it came up too high...
I am glad you found the carrier. I am sorry you got such a negative reaction. That definitely sounds frustrating. I would had a totally different reaction. I would have totally responded, "Where did you get a Beco for $80?"
I see Dr. Chaudary, and I love her. She's been a fantastic doctor, and she's accessible and helpful. My son sees Dr. Hops at the same practice, and we are very happy with her as well. Because this question routinely comes up, I also want to suggest Dr. Stephen Ajl. I hear great things about him as well as some others mentioned here. Congrats on your baby!
My son's K class had several new students throughout the year, and they integrated into the classroom rather quickly. I think it's a good age to introduce a child to the classroom. And at K, the grade level is not too academic or intense so transitioning seems a little easier. I think you should do what you are most comfortable with overall.
I found the google group. I was looking for a yahoo group. Makes sense why I could not find it! Brooklyn Babywearing: http://groups.google.com/group/brooklynbabywearing/
I was talking to one of the organizers this weekend, and she said they had been relying less on the groups and were going to use them more. So they might be a little slow now, but you can keep checking. I know there are Slings in the City offshoot Brooklyn babywearing meetings at Brooklyn Yoga as well, but I cannot remember the information. I'll send an email and find out and post it. While the classes are great at Metro Minis and I highly recommend them, you can check...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shellie I honestly think most of those are weak reasons not to use a debit card in those 10 situations. Bank with a bank that protects you and the risk is minimal. This. I don't use credit cards, and I don't have any of these problems either.
I have done a lot of spring cleaning recently. It's been really nice to declutter everything and to have a freshly organized, clean space. I am back to walking instead of taking the bus all the time. And we have many more hours in the park than we had been in the last few weeks.
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