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Oh, that's terrible. It's so nice to be able to commute without the car. I'm sorry they cancelled your route. Public transportation is so valuable and important for a lot of people.
I find the Baby K'tan to be a lot less comfortable because you cannot adjust it like the Moby or the Sleepy Wrap. They are both great carriers. But for a 7 month old baby, I'd shy away from a stretchy carrier and go with a woven wrap, sling, mei tai or another type of carrier.
I like them both a lot. They are both fantastic, well made carriers. I also agree with the thoughts about the fit of the Beco on various body types. The Oh Snap crosses in the back, and I like that fit a lot. I would second the suggestion to consider a Mei Tai too. They fit a variety of body types easily.
I would consider a Mei Tai like a Kozy or a BabyHawk. They are easy to use from newborn on up, and you can use it on your back. You can get a great fit, and it's instantly adjustable to anyone who wears it. It also folds up compactly. I also like the Beco for a newborn. The Moby is a great carrier for an infant. There is a learning curve, but it can be very comfortable and useful carrier. It's worth trying. Once you get it, you have it and it becomes more second...
I have stayed at the Roxbury in the Catskills a few times, and it's a really great time. The caretakers are fantastic, the location is gorgeous, it's comfortable and we always have an amazing time. I am planning on going back again soon. I also recommend like at Rhinebeck and staying at The Rhinecliff. And consider Equinox, Vt, Cape May, NJ and Woodstock. All really good choices.
Metro Minis is really the best place to go for both. They have 40+ carriers to try on, and they can help you with them all. And they really know how their stuff. It's nice to be able to have some experienced opinions and to feel and see all the different carriers and to see which works best for you. You can go to one of the free babywearing classes, but they will help you try on carriers at any time. They also carry cloth diapers, know a lot about cloth diapers. They can...
Cookiemom, another mom in your neighborhood had some more ideas. There is a meet-up group in your area (and in other areas if you want to join beyond your neighborhood). http://www.meetup.com/UWS-Playgroup/ and an UWS Moms Support Group http://moms.meetup.com/1730/ And another one http://www.meetup.com/Upper-West-Side-Moms/ A list of support groups in the area: http://manhattan.babybites.com/manha...upport-groups/ The Prenatal Yoga Center has a drop-in baby time...
Metro Minis on 75th and Park Ave has moms' groups and classes, often for free. And people hang out there from time to time. You can check their website for their calendar and various events. http://www.metrominis.com/
I feel two steps away from chaos quite often. But it's a different kind of two-steps-from-chaos than when my child was younger. My son is 7 now. There's still a lot to balance--family time, work, volunteering, school, social lives for us both, extracurriculars, etc. But it seems to get easier to work it all out and find a balance as my child gets older. Also, my child continues to become more and more capable, and he is able to help out a lot more. And while he still makes...
That's interesting. I have not heard about it. However, your link did not work for me. I found this link that worked. http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/fea...001.blake.html I'm off to read now. Thanks for sharing.
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