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I have never heard of this. It sounds really interesting. Did you make some?
I totally want to see photos of your work. It sounds like you are working on some interesting things.
This is a really cool idea. I am definitely going to try this.
A lot of favorites are ones that have been mentioned. We also like Rumis and Pictionary. Although, not board games, we also love FLUXX, charades, Catchphrase and Pictureka.
I don't think kids that age are too young to be introduced to the Pledge, MLK and Thanksgiving in an age-appropriate manner. I would explain to my child the history, meaning and purpose of the pledge, perhaps researching it together to find out more and to answer any questions. And my child can choose whether or not to recite the Pledge or to modify it in any way (I personally omit the "under God" part because it's not true). I would not object to my child choosing to...
Have you considered buying off brand ink, refilled ink or refilling at home? It is substantially cheaper. Also, you'd have to compare the cost per page for each printer you are considering to see if it's more cost effective. I thought that while laser printers were a higher initial cost, the ink cost was overall lower. I would check this out on each printer though especially given the inexpensive cost of off brand ink or refurbished cartridges.
I agree it depends on the situation. I think quiet singing is alright most of the time. But screaming? Not so much. Overall, I teach my child to respect other people and his environment and to act accordingly. Mostly I am not bothered by noise from people. But a normal level of noise. I am used to it and tune it out, and I have headphones if needed or I can switch cars. I don't mind is a child (or anyone) bursts into song. I often enjoy it. I don't think encouraging your...
My son sees Dr. Hops at the Continuum Center, and we are very happy with her. I have been told she does not take insurance anymore either, but I don't know if that's entirely true. I see Dr. Chaudhary at the Center, and I love her as well. I would consider her as well. Another doctor I often hear recommended is Dr. Ajl.
Some books that have done well for us in this situation-- The Hello Goodbye Window Tar Beach Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes My Subway Ride or My Taxi Ride
I would bunch up the tails and put them between my knees usually. Or I'd lay them across the seat of the car, a bench, counter, chair or any available surface. Also, bunch up or wrap the tails around your hands with passing them back and forth. And I would try to use my shortest wrap.
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