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pass the bong
only if I could be wemoon, nym or Brad Pitt
Zipporah, I feel that a lot of times when a parent yells (not a "no!" obivously) that it is something of their own issues. When I get mad that my son is running around and yelling at the store and I feel the desire to express anger, that is my issue. I feel bound my the rules of society (and I react to them), but he is tired, hungry or bored and he is expressing himself as such. He is not trying to piss the world off. I notice most of the yelling I hear is out of a...
Oh mama, I never meant to imply I am perfect. In fact, I am far from it. This is just a subject I am passionate about, and I get carried away sometimes. Justifications for things you feel strongly about are hard. But your post in similar to my experiences. When I do have a bad moment, hour or day I look into my son's eyes and remember who he is. I treat him how I want to be treated. Today was a trying day for me as well. Overtired due to helping my MIL and BIL move...
me too
it is a given. He licks his face off. He is a face licker offer. Now what is freaky is if you use like 100 of these at once, they lick in slow mo. Like they are taunting you with the fact that they will lick their own faces off with their super long tongues. and :nana: cause they are fun because he rocks And many for the reasons you all mentioned.
where is and and and those rock
me=first 2 letters of my first name co=first 2 letters of my last name me+co=meco Not creative. I registered on whim to post something, and I did not think it would stay with me for years to come. I was in college at the time, and it was my college ID too. So it was destowed upon me by the college admin, and here is stays.
I love my life, but what I would not give for financial security. Not having to worry about paying for things. Being able to buy all organic, all fair trade. I would still stay at home, and while I would not upgrade my apartment too much I would spend money on a place that is good for my son (more than one bedroom, space t o move, and a garden). It need not be big and massive, but it would be a bit bigger than 650 sq feet. I would also never have to worry about...
Hide? Sure, I love a good tent fort.
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