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I have no idea about the dolls but I’ve heard that the books are very good. I remember my neice read a lot of them.   I am interested in getting the Meet Kaya book for my son who is 9. He’s not really into anything that seems like “girls stuff” but Kaya is a Nez Perce American Indian, which is part of my family heritage. I think he might go for her story line.   I noticed there are several books about Kaya. Can they be read in any order, after the first one?
My MIL gave me a bottle and I have been taking the recommended 2 capsules a day - but not consistently. I take them in the morning with breakfast and wash them down with something other than water. They don't taste that great but certainly not horrible. I am about half way through the bottle but have not noticed any health changes.   Right now I am really suffering from SAD (seasonal depression) amd lack of energy. I also just started taking Vitamin D3. The FCLO does...
I think it's only the nutritional yeast you want. Brewers yeast is for making beer. I dont have a brand recommendation because I have alwasy purchased from the bulk section of the store. You can also put it on your pet's food and it's sold as a pet supplement too.
I experimented with pot, alcohol, speed, mushrooms and LSD as a teen. With taking drugs come a lot of side issues though. Here are some gems from my teen years…   I found someone’s stash bag on a bus one night when I was the only passenger. It was some white powder so I gave it to a friend who’s adult brother figured out what it was and how much it could sell for. He sold it for me and gave me the money. I thought COOL! Soon I was getting calls at my home asking if I...
I watch Survivor, Parenthood, Fringe and Downton Abbey in the not to be missed category. I also like Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Castle.
I love ice cream and it would probably win, except in the case baked treats. I mean hot from the oven. Those win every time.
  Mystery solved.
That sounds like if i am the one who works and I am gone for 10 hours a day; the people who happen to not work or go school get to eat all the ice cream. Because a consequece of working is getting less of the good stuff.   Don't punish people for leaving the house.
For dating those you work with, always follow the corporate policy. As others have mentioned it is usually that you are not allowed to date direct reports but sometimes it’s broader than that. If you are not breaking any rules you just need to consider the emotional fall out in relation to dating or breaking up with someone at work. It can be awkward and the gossip will travel fast. For sure the further you are from each other, like in different departments the...
I recently recalled some choice books from 80's that did not escape my teenage hands: VC Andew's Flowers in Attic series (wholesome!) and Jean Auel's  Clan of Cave Bear series (educational!) hahahaha  And my geeked out friends were so into Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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