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I started using Spell to Write and Read with my 9yo in January. Test results showed a "severe reading disability," but dyslexia is a medical diagnosis and the tester was a PhD., not an M.D., so was not able to diagnose dyslexia specifically. At that point he was reading at a >1st grade level, but with SWR and consistently requiring him to read aloud to me, he is now almost at grade-level! SWR is very parent-intensive, but it has worked for us. He still doesn't enjoy...
Still schooling, but more like School Lite. We have a couple short road trips planned, will spend a lot of time at our HOA pool, some 1/2-day drop-offs at a gym. Also will be helping one of my daughters get ready for moving into her dorm room in August. :(
I order from them all the time and have never been disappointed! I have been using their products for 9+ years. Some friends have used their software and said that it wasn't great, so I've stuck with the books. 
NEVER, EVER, EVER. I do love to have a baby fix every now and then, when I get to snuggle, carry, or even wear a friend's baby in a sling, but I do not EVER want to be responsible for one myself. I love all four of my kids, don't get me wrong, but I'm 37, waaaay too old to be tied down to an infant/toddler. I'm taking a kid to Freshman Orientation at college next week, for Maude's sake!    I love having kids that are growing up to be amazing people but don't need me...
I looked at the french door/bottom freezer refrigerators but the bins in the drawer felt very flimsy.  Also, dh pointed out that the doors are too wide to swing out; our island was placed in an odd place when we built the house.  I ended up choosing a Samsung stainless steel two-door.  I love opening the door and seeing the perfectly clean shelves and drawers; hopefully I can keep on top of that!   I've got to remember to make menus on the weekends; my weeks keep getting...
Coyotemist, I actually DID donate one to Goodwill!  I figured someone emptying the bags would take it home and enjoy it, we sure didn't. 
I think I need to add my count to my signature, I keep forgetting what my number is and then have to scroll through all these pages to find my last post.  Didn't there used to be a way to click straight to one's last post?     I have not been vigilant about this, but today I am going to make a concerted effort to get rid of stuff.  Our house looks like a tornado went through it every day; it hurts my brain to look at it.   ETA:  200 items are going out of my...
  THOSE dvds are not kept with the "family" dvds. 
1.  I'd love an Android app. 2.  More posts per page. 3.  Ability to change skins.
The best thing I ever did for our DVD collection was to invest in some binders w/ DVD sleeves (think a grownup version of baseball card sleeves).  It is so awesome, we have them separated out into kid and teen/adult movies (not THAT kind of adult!) so all the little kids have to do is flip through a couple dozen pages and they can find exactly what they want.  We did the same thing with CDs, back when people actually bought CDs.    It save SO much space!
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