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Dammit, I keep forgetting to count what I get rid of!  How many items does a refrigerator count for?   I know I filled two garbage bags to the brim with ruined food and have another overflowing bag ready to go to Goodwill, so I am going to say all of that is 100 and start from there.  So, for now, 111/2011 for me.
My brand spanking new refrigerator arrived a couple hours ago.   It is nearly empty right now and I love the way I can see everything.  I'm making a grocery list (most of our food had to be thrown out) but I do NOT want to overbuy like I often do, so I am going to make a menu first.  I have to buy soymilk tomorrow but I am going to try to avoid buying anything else for as long as I can.
My refrigerator broke overnight on 12/31...Happy New Year!  We were able to buy one on the 1st but it won't be delivered until the 5th.  For now we have two coolers on the back porch that I have to keep draining and refilling--let me tell you, it is not easy feeding a family of six out of two coolers!  My goal is to start over with the new fridge, fill it with new food and completely eat up what is in the coolers.  I think that today for lunch we will be eating hummus,...
I'm in!  I guess 2011 is a lot of items, but it seems like I could get rid of that many in a month.  If I have to list every item I know I will not do it, is it okay to just list numbers?
Becoming, would you PM me info about MT, too?  
Mich, funnily enough, an IRL friend said that exact same thing when she saw it!
Last week I finished crocheting an afghan for my 5yo.  He is obsessed with Spiderman, so I made a webbed blanket of red and blue.  Click here to see it, I'm incredibly proud of it and he LOVES it.  Now I'm almost finished with a baby sleep sack for a friend with a newborn, just have to weave in the ends.
Oh, wow, I'm so sorry if I killed this thread.  If you really want a fourth child, don't look to someone else to validate that, just do it!  My response is colored from my own experience, yours is totally different!  Good luck to you, no matter what you decide.
Jamie, what do you have going on your hooks right now??  I love to see what other hookers are working on.     I'll post what I've got going on tomorrow but for right now I have to go give some  to my own dh.
I just asked all four of my homeschooled kids and they said they don't remember ever being bullied while homeschooling.  They are 17, 17, 9, and 5.  The 9 and 5 year olds said that they felt bullied by the 17 year olds but that's because the older ones babysit a lot and are not as lenient as I am. 
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