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Okay, now I'm feeling jealous because I NEVER had the chance to only parent one child!
As a mom of teenagers who babysit, I agree w/ everyone else. With kids they commonly babysit, they enjoy bringing small gifts that make the kids happy and gives them something in common or to play with. Your kid must be fun to be with .
Congrats on the 5# star!!
Thanks for the idea for dividing up points for each meal. I think part of my problem is that I'm afraid to "waste" points early in the day when I'm not really hungry. I logged my first weigh-in today and lost two pounds, but that amount could easily be water weight. Next week my goal is to do the 30 Day Shred at least three days. I forgot that all of this week's activity points (7) and extra points (35) would disappear today; I had planned on wasting them all on...
I just joined WW two days ago and am so excited to see this thread! So far so good, though I'm pretty sure I'm not eating enough. I know from past experience that once I get into the WW mentality it is hard for me to allow myself to eat foods that cost points, which is just crazy, right? I have 50+ pounds to lose, so I'm in it for the long haul. ETA: I'm only doing it online, do NOT want to go to meetings!
I'd like to know the same thing. I have a friend who does these things; last month she did three tequila tastings! I would've loved to have done those!
I'm really dreading our new fall schedule. Here's what we have (we homeschool): The teenagers: They each have at least 2 college classes each day + one of them works 30ish hours a week. Mostly the one who drives is able to do all the back & forth but at least 3 days a week she won't be able to so I will have to make sure that the other gets to classes and (hopefully! eventually!) a job. Tae kwon do at least 3x a week, but they are in same class as dh. They are also...
Our co-op has a form called Expected Classroom Behaviors that every child 5+ has to sign that details specific behaviors. It really helps, knowing that every single child knows what to do or not to do, and if misbehavior happens, we have that on hand to show to the child and parent.
I'm in! I'm trying to whittle down the astronomical amount we pay for groceries. So far my solution has been to send my teenagers with cash and a list. Less impulse buying!
Same as zjande. It seems like a lot of wasted space and, as a PP said, a fire hazard.
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