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I'm in, I need something to get me back to enjoying time in the kitchen.
I have a sort-of-routine for daytime foods for my little ones; the teenagers mostly cook for themselves, so I can't speak for them. BTW, everything is vegetarian & gluten-free. Breakfast: Most days dh or one of my teenagers makes breakfast for my boys, so it helps to have everything be easy-to-make. I'm willing to trade what I would *ideally* have them eat on those days for the convenience of sleeping a little longer. Drink choices are soymilk, water, or hot...
I need this thread, I have been having trouble coming up with quick dinner ideas lately. Tonight we're having red beans & cornbread, with steamed carrots and peas on the side. I did a quick soak with the beans this morning then put them in the crockpot with garlic, bay leaves, onion powder, and no-chik'n bouillon cubes. The cornbread is baking right now, in a cast-iron skillet, sizzling in coconut oil. Mmmm, it sure does smell good!
I LOVE drop-off playdates and parties. The kids entertain each other, I get to catch up on whatever I need to do. Honestly, I think that after the age of five or six it's odd for a parent to stay. My kids would have far fewer playdates, at our house or at friends' houses, if it took up hours of time that I need to use elsewhere.
I do at least two loads every weekday, but try to not run laundry on the weekend so that the older kids can wash their clothes. I don't wash any of their laundry so am washing for dh, myself, and two boys as well as towels, sheets, and kitchen linens. The teenagers also wash their own linens and towels. We go through enough kitchen linens in two days for a full washer load and no matter how much I ask/beg/plead, towels are thrown on the floor after every use, then...
Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause a maple syrup smell. Have you had her blood sugar checked?
I keep trying to stick to a routine/schedule for housekeeping but we're so rarely home that it doesn't work. At least until now. One of my kids is driving, so many of the errands and driving them to college classes is off my shoulders. When she is out with my van I am forced to be at home. It's only been a few weeks so I haven't figured it all out yet, but life feels a *little* simpler and I am able to focus more on the younger kids and the house a *little* more. ...
Oh, and actually, while I said "a set," it's not really a set. If you buy open-stock, you can choose the knives you will actually USE, which isn't always what comes in a set. What I have is perfect for me, but might not be perfect for YOU.
I have a set of Henckel professional knives that I loveloveloveLOVE. I store them in a block and have them professionally sharpened at least once a year; the block doesn't seem to affect their sharpness, as far as I can tell. I also use the steel to straighten the blade I'm using each time. If I had a drawer I could use for only knife storage and could use something that would store them without touching each other, I *might* do that. OTOH, I do like the way I can...
I freeze cooked beans all the time. You can either freeze them with some of the liquid or drain them completely and freeze. I use a ziploc freezer bag, lay the beans flat to freeze, then stand up on its side to store. The texture does change somewhat, but I have found that's true mostly for smaller beans. Chickpeas hold their shape well as long as they're not overcooked to begin with.
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