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Do any of you know of good gluten-free cracker recipes? GF crackers are SO expensive.
I have been thinking a lot about self-improvement lately, too. I don't like myself. I have said that to dh and friends and they either look at me like I'm crazy or start telling me all the good things about myself. I can't get them to understand that, yeah, I know there are good things about myself, but those things all relate to how THEY see me and how I see me is very different. I don't have a concrete list yet, though I'm sure I will, I'm a list-maker, but one...
I am the same way, have been all of my life. You know the glass half-full/half-empty analogy? I figure it doesn't matter which it is, it's going to get knocked off the table and break anyway. I'd like to change this about myself but don't know how.
Nobody else in my family ever looks at any sort of organization lists, so for me it doesn't matter.
I have it all on my Blackberry. It's compact and I always have it with me.
I made it!!! I really didn't think I would, but I'm so proud of myself!
I'm keeping up with it, but it's getting more difficult. I'm a flake, I rarely follow through with plans, so I'm extremely proud of myself for getting this far.
Disregard post above, I linked everyone. I hope!
Finally got mine up. Should we be linking to everyone else here doing it?
Ugh, I cannot seem to wrap my brain around words today. I'm proud of myself for posting every day so far, but I'm so burnt out with these kids, all their activities, the messes. Hopefully I'll come up with something later.
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