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Wow, it's amazing how much more I get done when I feel accountable for it! I can't believe I finished everything on my list. Now I just need to do bedtime routine for the littles and pick M. up from calculus at 9:45 then I can collapse into bed. Way to go, everyone!
Finished with morning chores! Here's what I have to get done between 12:30-7:00 take A. to science--DONE take K. to psychology--DONE take J. to library--DONE grocery store--DONE office supply store--DONE pet store--DONE pick up A. and friend for playdate--DONE pick up K.--DONE clean up & sweep foyer--DONE 15 min. cleaning in my bedroom--DONE feed kids--DONE wash dishes--DONE one more load of laundry--DONE meet friend's mom to drop off--DONE take M. to calculus--DONE
Can I join in? I need SOMETHING to get my butt into gear. Tuesdays are our CRAZY day, in and out of the house most of the day to get kids to various classes, pick up library holds, grocery store. But I have 2.5 hours left this morning before the insanity begins, so I could get some stuff done. What I'd like to accomplish before leaving at 12:15: 1. 2 loads of laundry--DONE 2. Dinner in crockpot--DONE 3. Swish & swipe downstairs bathrooms (kids can do...
We spend about $1500/month on food for the six of us. What kills is the amount that gluten-free flours and mixes cost. Of course I don't NEED to buy those, but we like having veggieburgers and muffins and pancakes, etc.
I feel like we are home just long enough to make some messes but not enough to clean them up. With four children and large age gaps, there's not much my kids can do at the same time. I feel like I'm taking it easy when there are only four places to be in one day.
If you want an EXTRA business membership you do have to pay with a company check. My mom and dad have a business membership, they each have a Sam's card, and can pay any way they want. But if they wanted to add me to the membership, I would have to pay $35 (which I believe is the regular membership cost) AND I would have to pay with a company check. That's what Sam's customer service told me, anyway.
I spend about three hours a day cooking, but that's with the time averaged out. Like a pp, I spend most of my weekend prepping dinners for the week. I also spend about an hour each day cleaning up, but most of the dishes are done by my teenagers.
I bought mine at The Container Store about ten years ago. It's pretty awesome, to be able to store so many CDs and DVDs in such a small case. We haven't actually purchased any CDs in years, thanks to itunes, but we do still occasionally buy DVDs. I have seen some at Target and various home stores, I think they're pretty ubiquitous.
We bought our '01 Honda Odyssey new in '01 for $35k, I believe. Wish we could do that again!
We pay $27.50 each time to have our lawn mowed & weed-whacked. If we want anything extra, like the flower beds weeded by hand or bushes pruned, etc., we pay $35/hr; there are usually 2-3 people working the yard at that time, they do it at the same time as they're mowing. I think $100/hr sounds RIDICULOUS unless there were enough people that it only took an hour. I mean, if it's a large area that is really overgrown, it might take one person a couple hours, so maybe...
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