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I just leave mine on the counter and it lasts for weeks! Sometimes even more than a month! I have read that it's not necessary to peel it. Last time I used it I didn't peel, just chopped it like normal and it was fine, so maybe what I read was right!
mar4JC, how do you get that it's someone else's kid? She says, "I think I'm just worn out, ground down. They've emerged victorious, those children of mine. I'm raising the white flag. I quit. Abe can just sleep with us in our bed. Presumably he'll move out at some point, right?" Did you guys read the comments on the post? I have a feeling some of you LEFT some of the later comments.
Somehow I got 150. Maybe I added wrong? Okay, I just did it again and got 165? Dh just added and got 145. Okay, any way you look at it I guess I'm pretty crunchy! Just maybe not the best at math! :LOL
I did a lot of searching before I found the Miracle rice cooker that I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for. All I found were nonstick or plastic pans. I didn't want either of those substances touching my rice, especially since we eat rice almost every day. The Miracle cooker does have an aluminum steamer pan, but I won't use it to steam vegetables so I'm not too concerned about that.
I ordered that rice cooker in February and am still waiting for it. I ordered directly from the manufacturer, but they keep saying it's backordered. It's supposed to be here by the end of April, but it was also supposed to be here by the end of March, so we'll see. I'm looking forward to using it and getting rid of my plastic one.
If today is anything to go by, Joe isn't allergic to soy!!! Oh, happy happy dance dance joy joy!!!!! :LOL So far he has had no reaction and I overloaded on the stuff. I know a reaction could still occur tomorrow or the next day, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Clear cheeks and bum are so good to see! He is teething, so I should have waited to do the test, didn't think about the fact that he's already super cranky, but I don't think he was crankier than...
buglette, if cutting out dairy doesn't fix everything, keep trying other allergens. I have found that my 3-month old is allergic to peanuts/peanut butter and corn; today is my soy trial day and I'm hoping that's not an allergen for him!
I am shocked to hear that she Ferberized her kids! Are you talking about Ayelet Walding when you say that? I love her books, The Mommy Track series. In the books, the main character wears her baby, co-sleeps, breastfeeds--heck, even tandem nurses a toddler and an infant! She takes her baby with her everywhere, even while she's investigating a murder (hmmm, I might rethink that one!), so I assumed the author was AP. Growing up, I always knew that my mom and dad loved...
My dh really loves the Baby Bjorn, but he'll use a sling if the Bjorn isn't handy. He has used a Sling-Ezee, Maya Wrap, and Zolo Wear, all ring slings. I have some pouches but he doesn't like them.
For Alec, it was splotchy, red cheeks, ring-around-the-anus (I love that term :LOL ), and colicky behavior. After I took all dairy out of my diet he turned into a different baby. When he was two years old I tried introducing small amounts of dairy into his diet--he went crazy. I'm talking about two or three HOUR long tantrums, several times a day, extreme crankiness even when he wasn't tantruming, etc. Now that he's close to four, he can have it very occasionally. We...
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