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I have "single ply" flannel the same size as my wipes. Katie is a chronic booger sneezer. Each sneeze is explosive, lol. Super cheap & easy to make with a serger.
We love flannel. My favorites are the ones that are velour backed. I use a serger to sew them. Do you have a friend who has one you can borrow?
Once you get it set up with your domain, you can have recieve & send with it through gmail. I get 11 different email addys at one gmail acct.
We are restrained on to finances too. They were in karate & loved it. It really helped them focus. Now ben is in 6th grade, he is taking trumpet lessons (aunt doanted new trumpet). Other than that, we can't afford to do much else. Besides the gas to run all over is too much.
Very loud. All 3 kids have ADHD & so do I, lol. Everything is at top volume here. The talking is non-stop too.
I like that better.
Bike lane or sidewalk for us.
This is rather nice also. It allows for 2 peddlers & optional 3 or 4 riders. Plus plenty of storage room. The canopy is nice, it can get rather hot here. I emailed for pricing info. Hopefully import fees wouldn't kill me. http://www.ultimate-quadracycle.com/...dbicycles.html
Quote: Originally Posted by tamagotchi We have an Xtracycle and we really like it. It is very versatile, and it is a cheaper option than the dutch bike or pedicab that you listed. http://www.xtracycle.com/ I saw that & thought it was cool!
I just found this also. It seats up to 8 yo. My 7 yo is a bit small so she may be OK. http://www.dutchbikefactory.com/pages_eng/twin.htm http://workcycles.com/workbike/bicyc...port-bike.html
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