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A friend of mine recently asked for some advice regarding her four-year-old biting her one-year-old. Moms of tots and babes: what do you (or would you) do? I would like to give her some advice for non-punitive responses to her child's behavior. The following quotation is from my friend: "{boy of 4 years} has done things that he never learned from us or other kids (biting, is a good example). When a child misbehaves severely (bites, hits, throws, kicks, screams or other...
Thanks everyone! Myboysblue- avoid soap? Oh shit, something else I need to worry about. We have slowly been "de-toxing" our house, changing the cleaners we use, we finally found a good organic conditioner, all DD's stuff is natural (Earth Mama Angel Baby) but I have never really worried too much about soaps out and about. We have the tree-based hand sanitizer from target but I do use soap in public places. Ugh, should I start bringing my own?
I'm so sorry. Hopefully you can still have a rewarding birth experience. I don't know what hospitals are natural birth friendly, but I have heard good things about St. Joseph's Women's overall. Try and get a birthing suite. Have a doula (Touched by and angel has a sliding scale with fees) and/or a midwife in attendance. I wish you luck!
Dr. Jay Patel of the New Tampa Physicians Group. http://www.getmedesign.net/clients/n...ian3/index.htm If you use him, check out Dr. Bain right next door, he is a great chiropracter who works on a sliding scale with fees.
I have no advice for you about the OB's but I am curious, are you going to Labor of Love Birth Center in Lutz? Also, I know of a holistic pediatrician in Tampa (I don't go to him because he isn't covered by my insurance) and my pediatrician who is very laid back about breastfeeding, not medicating unless absolutely necessary, delayed or no vax, etc. Let me know if you want the info and check out Labor of Love Birth Center Forums if that is where you are getting care.
Carrie, which vaccinations do you do and where do you travel, if you don't mind my asking?
I used your letter and tweaked it somewhat (hope you don't mind). My rep is a Republican, so I stole your line and switched the party, lol. The last time I contacted her, about supporting legislation for midwives and freestanding birth centers to continue to be funded by Medicaid, she did contact me back with interest, so I think I have an audience with her. "As a mother and grandmother, I know you will be sympathetic with my cause. What matter could be more pressing...
Thanks! I honestly have never seen any random women breastfeeding in public. I have seen the women from my conscious parenting meetup group and myself, that is it. But I will carry these in case I ever do!
It is weird that while trying to support breastfeeding we are attacked as trying to condemn formula feeding. Did the poster say, formula feeding moms are monsters? NO. Bottles should be banned? No. Why is supporting breastfeeding not allowed? Why is it not okay to advertise for the choice that is superior for the health of the baby? If the poster had a little girl feeding a baby with a bottle, no breastfeeding mom would demand that it be taken down, and if she did, she...
I really don't understand the bus driver comment at all. What WAS he implying? That you could not afford a stroller so you just stuck your baby in a potato sack? Ugh. I wish someone would point out the dangers of strollers to more women, especially those that just keeped them locked in 24/7. More babies are dying of SIDS because they never get out of their newborn carrier, I think it is probably more like failure to thrive because of lack of physical contact. There...
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