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About you: How old are you? 30 Where are you? Ottawa Are you currently PG? Due end June Are you/Did you UP? Basically, we have free MW in our province so I like to go for a chat from time to time. I never have any interventions . . . I won't even let them palpate my abd. LOL Are you telling others about your UC plans? No Have you UCed before? I had an unassisted but now I would like to have an unattended. About your family: How old is your significant other?...
Sadly, we have had many heart to hearts and that is why we are still together. He is always "trying". I appreciate it but I creates no love towards him. He has been away for 3 weeks and I can say I have not thought of him or missed him. When I have thought of him it was only to wonder about a divorce. I can say I feel a lot more carefree and happy when he is not around and I don't have to pretend that I actually love him or want to be his spouse.
I feel like we have been living this way for a long time. I just don't like pretending to be something I am not. I think that pretending to "be his wife" is actually wrecking our relationship because I feel so trapped by his "neediness" I need some space to call my own. Just a place to lay my head and sit in silence, to write in a jounal or sit and meditate. I want a clearer division of labour and responsibilities so that I don't always end up picking up the slack. I want...
JustJamie, no need to apologize. Processing birth trauma through writing is very important. I can't tell you how many times I posted, in detail, about the the Post Traumatic Stress I suffered after my first baby. I don't think anyone is implying that these stories are boring or unimportant.
I like short and unusual. If you are putting it out for general consumption then it is a good idea to focus on what made your birth a unique experience. Details can be sooo boring. Sheacoby, I think it is a hilarious thing to poke fun of. We mustn't take ourselves too seriously! Frosty Allen McOrdinary LOL that's funny stuff!!!!!
Hello, I don't get too many chance to post but now that I am suffering from insomnia perhaps I will be around more. 31 weeks on Friday. Planning a simple and quick home delivery for #3. I really like my MW and wouldn't mind having her around but I delivered #2 in less that 40 minutes. I only noticed the first part of labour because I woke up to pee. I had a dream that I slept through this delivery.
Be gentle with me. I know my current husband will not want a divorce. I can't say I want one either. I can say I don't love my husband and do not want to call myself his wife. He is the stay at home dad and I work full time. I am due with #3 in a few months. I want to live in the same house (separate rooms) and share our love of parenting together as friends and room mates. I don't know what the future will bring but that is what I want now. We are friends and for the...
My labours where a lot alike. Both at home and less then an hour. I would actually like to take a bit more time with this one but . . . Well we'll know at the end of Jun. I wonder if faster hurts more. But mine were only "painful" for a few minutes at transition. Ohhh I am so excited to birth again. I am prepared for an unassisted birth because #2 was born in such a hurry.
I guess no one had much to say. But I treated him with Cantharis 30 and Belladona 30. I also did soaks in sea salt 4 times/day. I really felt that he had an infection. It seems I was right. About 2 hours after treatment he had pus leaking from the tip. Today he is 60% + improved and no complaint of pain. So I am glad that I didn't rush for antibiotics. Intestingly, I don't know much about foreskins and my immediate reaction was "is this a foreskin problem" but it...
My uncirc'd 4 y.o. has a very red hot swollen penis. Not the tip but the whole thing, especially the dorsal aspect. No trauma, nothing has irritated it by his report. Will not let me touch it as he says it is way too sore. Ideas please.
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