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I saw Dr. Newman speak and he was really informed on the issue. He basically said nurse them!
sometimes I feel like the best mom in the world all day long and night time comes along and I almost always feel like, "Why can't I get this to work, how did I become "scary mommy"!!!! oh well I get to try again tomorrow! Actually, tonight wasn't to bad . . . knock on wood.
I say go totally crunchy and investigate EC! I am expecting #3 this summer and will do ec with this little one as well. I never really loved clothe diapering and so EC was a perfect fit for out family. I use motherease and bummies pull-ups. Maybe you could just get pull ups for your 18 month old. If you know he does big poops in the morning maybe you could start catching them? hopefully you see my comments as helpful and not "pushy". Good Luck!
I liked pushing! It is rewarding and hard work. You will be great.
I am too tired to reply but I wanted to give you a {{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}. I have 20 month old who is a "grad" that still had accidents. He likes to pee in containers and the big toilet only. Not the BBLP ever! Sometimes he tries to pee in a toy or a drinking cup . . . anything that will hold pee. Of course he usually spills it and then takes his pants off and uses them to try to clean up the mess. Ahhh what can you do but laugh. I definately (when he was younger often thought...
I am the queen of returns, even if the kids have had it out and played with it at the in - laws. I take it back. Clothes with logos - back they go!!!!!
I liked to give my guys a good nurse at night and then out for a walk with dh wearing baby in the sling. As they got older and heavier, we would put them in a big stroller carriage and cover them up. He was not used to being in the rolling crib and did cry a bit (the first time 10 minutes and then 2 then 30 sec) (but I figured I was with him and I really needed this to work) and voila. Within a week he would just get in his stroller and then we would leave him in there...
Both my sons were breech. #2 turned right before he was born. I wish I hadn't spent a single moment worrying. I am pg and I hope this baby is breech if it wants to be too!
you are in it and there is no going back. so you just do it. and then it is done. Way rather give birth than have a migraine.
You will figure something out. There are many challenges to parenting. You will never regret taking what you need from the universe to birth the way that you want. Is there a homebirth consumer group in your area. . . start making contacts. Could you be a house sitter for someone while they are away (obviously you wouldn't mention birthing in their tub!!!). Just don't discuss it with your family any more. Perhaps just smile and nod and when the baby comes, go to your room...
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