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I have a long wait for number 3. I am a service member and will most likely see a tour (as a nursing officer) in feb 07. That mean ttc in July 07. Seems so far away . . so very much in between. That's why I am here to learn about natural fp. Looking forward to getting all the goods!
It depends how much you are going to use your dipers too. I use cotton or wool potty pants most of the time and occasioallyuse mother-easesize small training pants (they are terrycloth with pul). Since ds is only in them whe I am waiting for a pee that won't come and I know that I can't pay full attention (I have company or Ds is play with puzzel pieces) I really like them.They are quick up and down. but if you are really not wanting to use PUL then never mind. LOL "We...
Do people remember watching TV as children? I always watched seasame street and mr dressup every day. In looking back and talking with friends and sibling they all agree that I was the most imaginative (and the most bossy LOL) of all the kids. I was always making up games and making people pretend with me. I was never limited T.V. Althought I think that T.V. is changing. I don't have cable. My ds 3 likes to watch dvds.
For back carries with my toddler I can only use the ellaroo. It is my all time favorite and most versitile sling for babes and big boys too!
ds was sitting on the BBLP unassisted by 4 months. He can climb off it without tipping it too. I like the little potty so much I have 2 and a knock off as well.
yeah that is weird . . . I sure her intentions are good but you are right . . she doesn't get that you will be bonding with your baby. You will be watching for all the cues, to eat, to sleep, to eliminate and so on and so forth. There is nothing more fun than catching that first pee and or poo and thinking we can do this! EC is fun and practical. I always rested DS head in the kruke of my arm or bt the breasts and hold onto the thighs. By three months he was sitting on his...
what can I say . . . we've tossed around getting rid of the T.V. Maybe when kids are older . . . With little ones and no family I sometimes just need a break! I spend every waking and sleeping moment with my kids and so when I need to get the baby to sleep or cook without my helper . . . TV is there for me. I would say 10 hours a week in the winter. Much less in the summer.
definately need a sling!!!! check out mamatoto baby wearing website. Dr. Jack Newmans web site too. Alternates to bottles. Can you choose your hours at all? Go when baby is in her best mood. Can some one bring her to you to nurse? Can you take her with you? I couldn't parent without my slings DH says!!!!! I love the ellaroo and mayawrap. Keep us updated.
I did a hbac. It was a great experience. I am sure you will learn lots here that will help you reach your goals.
Wow, when I posted the original thread I thought one or two would "get me" . . . I do believe our children come to us, they are meant for us, just as we were meant for our parents. We are on a journey together and the journey is awsome and difficult and yet, for me, a thing of wonder and beauty! My dh and I often recall to each other how it felt to be little, my younger sister also is good at recalling her feelings. (as a side bar I also was responsible for raising...
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