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Does AngelBee mean , Angela help MATE to Rich, mama to . . . . or help meet to Rich? If it is the latter, what does this code mean?
yeah I guess it does sound hocky but it also strikes a cord within. I would be interested in hearing more about your ideas and experiences. I often wonder how the anger can come from nowhere and it is always worse when I am alone with the boys . . . even when things are going well and they are being sweeties. Thanks
[QUOTE= My father, who was a GREAT dad, sometimes became irrational and punitive when we were in public, because he is very uncomfortable in social situations. I try to keep an eye on myself for that as well. --Deirdre[/QUOTE] Interesting, I know this feeling. . . Thanks everyone . . . Hearing from you helps me feel more human.
I have be in similiar situations with my boys. They get so tired they really need sleep. Often I would "wear" them down in my sling, ie go for a walk outside or do the stairs in my house. I think that if you child cries and you are there to comfort her there is nothing else you can do. I think that you will see this more and more. As kids get older they can cry when they want something and it is your job to let them cry and realize that they are not going to get their way...
I have the Mazda MPV and I really like it.
I don't think the idea is to be selfish. Setting boundaries to proctect yourself and your family is not selfishness it is rolemodelling to your children how to live a balanced life. I don't believe that we should be selfish . . . I think that striving to be selfless is a great quest. But their is a difference between being selfless and being a doormat. KWIM?
I would say that I am a pretty good mom, I am patient and kind. I have compassion and energy. I am resourceful and dedicated to my family. I love to teach and sing and be silly. I am a bit of a perfectionist. DH and I believe in AP and really enjoy raising our kids this way. I know I don't have to be perfect ( don't want my kids to have unrealistic expectations of their future wives) LOL but I try to do my best to be a good role model in my home and community. So what is...
yes it is nice to know I am not alone!
My DH and I plan to "unschool" with our boys 7 months and nearly 3. I personally like the unschooling approach as I have come to understand it. I only use the term "unschooling" to give the impression that we will start as we intent to go on. Of course right now we are just enjoying life and the boys. One thing that we did do though was have DH become a stay at home dad as a sign of our committment.
I would never let DS (7 months) CIO, indeed the ONLY time he ever cries is in the car. I need some perspective. We walk and take the bus when possible but we are on a limited bus schedual and sometimes must drive. I just hate to go anywhere with him but of course that would not be fair to me or my nearly 3 year old. I have tried everything it feels like. My husband needed a ride to work tonight and DS cried for an hour straight. Poor little man. Can I justify this? I...
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