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I know that David (5 months) definately responds to the cue I make. He does a little grunt and out comes the pee. Sometimes it is just a tiny bit . . . but if he has to go even a bit he will on demand. I find it is really great with my 2 y.o. because He often refuses the toilet because he gets very busy. But if I take him and pss pss he will always go ( if he has too). I pretty much trust him 99% of the time except right before bed. I always ask him to "just try" LOL
i would really like to sew split crotch pants but I am having no luck finding instructions. I have used all my "free time today" and no luck Could anyone direct me. I couldn't find the www.cuddlebugg potty pant site either. Ahh Thanks
You know they say that "play is a child's work" I spend all day with my son and I try to make sure that we laugh and be silly from time to time each day. (Mostly it is spontaneous) LOL my parents never really played with me but I did have and still do have a great imagination. That is part on growing up and being left to your own devices rather than being entertained. Also, Kids need other kids to "play/work" with.
I hear you!!!!! It will get better. I can tell you that what you wrote could have been me last year. In fact, I am sure I did write. I actually did all sorts of horrible things to my precious little one. CIO, yelling, grabbing his arms, one time I hugged him to me as hard as I could to stop myself from doing something crazy. I am not a bad mom at all. I have always practised AP with my husband. I love being a mom. But the constant need for the breast and the up all night...
It goes to show how prevasive the "bottle" truly is. My son, as far a I know, has never seen a baby get a bottle and yet his play with babies is often about bottles. I just tell him that in our house babies and dollies get "mama" code word for human milk. The best thing to do is role model. There is plenty of time to discuss the pros of human milk vs formula as they get older.
Watching my birth videos, I would have to say the strangest thing, of many, that I did or said was right before the babies are born I comment, "I can't seem to get comfortable" DUH, what an understatement!
Thank-you everyone. I really am not about making money because I do have a good income as an RN. But I have so many ideas and thoughts that I want to share with others. I guess I am looking for an outlet for that, "come on people, wake up!" feeling when it comes to birth and consumerism. I don't want to harp at people. . . that's too easy. I want to inspire.
when I wipe my vulva, it feels like I am wiping my vagina. I am all over the Kegals. Have been for years. . .Doing them now. What else can I do? Is this a common thing. I am postpartum 10 wks. Anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance
[QUOTE= When you do talk to her, I would encourage her to listen to her heart and do what feels right to her. I wouldn't recommend any books or resources, but just that she listen to her heart and trust her gut.[/QUOTE] I completely agree. The only advice I give these days is, "Listen to your heart" "Do what feels right, what works" I learned that lesson the hard way. Maybe everyone has to. Now, I simply try to live my life as an example to others. It is a lot less...
Gave birth to a wee (7.12) soul mate a few weeks ago. He was breech until 39 weeks and I was a VBAC for a previous Breech (a surprise breech that I was having at home). I had a sense of peace throughout this pregnancy and was committed to homebirth, with or without a MW. In the 42 week I woke up, my water broke. I was so excited. I woke my DH, called the MW and a dear girl-friend Lindsay. Watching the video I see the faces of those around me. Most notably, sweet little...
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