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Looking for recipe ideas for vegan quinoa dishes, instead of just using it in place of rice in meals. What are your favourites? Bonus points if it freezes well! (I've got some time this week with dh home so I want to feed my freezer as much as possible!)   Thanks!
Awesome, thanks - will check it out!  
I've been reading the Camp Creek blog (http://www.whiteoakschool.com/) for a few months and am very interested in adopting some of its approach in our lives. I was wondering if anyone here uses this and, if so, how it's gone for you? What's worked, what hasn't?   Thanks!
  That sounds like an interesting article! Do you remember its name, or where you read it? Would love to read it!    
Thanks! I know it's not my fault and I know he's probably fine - like I said my ds1 has had worse accidents than this (he's 7 so we've had lots of time to get them in!) but this one was just so dramatic! Ugh. So my brain understands just fine but my heart will take some time to get the message! :)   Thanks for listening!...
ds2 (12 months old) fell down the stairs tonight. Just the first half - five steps. He bounced off the wall at the end. He seems fine. A few minutes of nursing and he was back to crawling around and wanting to go back up the stairs. ds1 has had worse falls but I've never seen them so clearly. I was right at the top of the stairs inches from grabbing him before he fell so I got a really good view. I am traumatized. I even called our provincial public health helpline to...
  Oh, it's really basic stuff - imagine lots of toilet rolls, tin cans and tape!! :) He does it on his own. I keep out recyclables that I think look like they have building potential for him and throw it in his pile of stuff for him to discover. The sewing I did show him though. He's been talking recently ababout using wood and tools to make stuff but we haven't got there yet.    
LOL it's not looking good that the only person who has responded *doesn't* have a good sleeper!   Caedenmomma I am sorry you are going through this as well! :(   Last night ds2 slept for six hours straight!!! I have no idea why and no idea how to replicate it though. Possibly there was a longer stretch of time between waking up from his last nap and going to bed?? Maybe. Will try it today. Oh but I can dream, right?? What's amazing though is that I went to bed...
I just need to know you are out there.   Ds2 has turned into an awful sleeper the past 6 months (he's 11 months). We cosleep and nurse to sleep. I worry I've ruined him! Most of the 'good sleepers' I hear about either don't cosleep or don't nurse to sleep. Ds1 was a good sleeper but he slept in a sidecar and didn't nurse to sleep. Aaarrrgh.   Please reassure me! :)
My baby is 11 months old. S/he sleeps in  our bed. S/he goes to be around 8:30-9:30pm and wakes up around 7-7:30am. S/he wakes up about 4-6 times during the night (with the odd 10+ wakings for fun as well!). When s/he wakes up, I nurse him to go back to sleep. My partner doesn't help with this - it's just easier for me to deal with since I can nurse him back reasonably quickly!
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