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All my maternity clothes are from resale shops, ebay, or Old Navy's sale rack.    My problem is that I am the type of pregnant woman that gets huge fast then even bigger later. So I generally need some things in Medium and some in Large.    Ebay is really good for cheap designer jeans if you are like me and have really long legs (making jeans from Target and Kohls and stuff unwearable).  I've gotten a few pairs of nice jeans for 20 dollars or so with shipping by...
  I posted this photo with the caption "Jackson giving Tobias advice on how to be a big brother." Obviously, I announced around Christmastime for our end-of-may baby
I have been having a hard time curbing my sweet tooth this pregnancy. I usually love salads and fresh fruits and veggies, but for some reason, I've just had the grossest feeling when having to constantly CHEW. How lazy that sounds! But I feel like I can't eat enough of all the good stuff to be healthy.    So I started juicing and I've seen a huge difference in my energy level. I also eat a lot of hummus and multi seed crackers, berries, etc. And when I crave carbs, I...
Also, for a good actual lotion, I use this : http://www.amazon.com/Alba-Botanica-Kukui-Cream-Ounce/dp/B00120XR1G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362234721&sr=8-1&keywords=kukui+nut+lotion   It smells really nice and isn't heavy plus they don't use a lot of the chemicals you'll find in big brands. It's expensive though, so I do the sugar scrub for my whole body and then lotion for my hands and feet, and a little for my belly if it's itchy. 
I made a sugar scrub with just sugar and grapeseed oil and use it in the shower. I seriously get out don't need to put anything else on. At first my skin feels slightly oily. Just barely. But I shower before bed so I just put on PJs and go to sleep. When I get up the next morning, it feels healthy and very moisterized but not at all oily. 
The jar I have says up to 3 tbs. a day. 
I've had three births, all very different experiences.    My first I had an epidural that I thought "didn't work". I have scoliosis and the anesthesiologist was having difficulty placing it correctly, giving multiple doses into my blood stream which made me feel drunk and shaky, and when he finally did get it in, he gave me a "test dose" to make sure he had it right and left the room. When it "wore off" about 15 minutes later, I had just started pushing and he was...
I have a deep bathtub and I'm planning on laboring in there if I feel like I need the water.  I'm like you when it comes to the hassle of the clean up. I just have no desire to handle all of that. 
A few more phone photos....    
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