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Hi there We are moving to Minneapolis for two months starting in August and would really love to take part in a (weekly?) toddler play group while we're there. My DS will be 2 in September. Is there such a thing already going for naturally-minded moms over there? Any connections would be greatly appreciated!
Hello We are two adults and a toddler who are looking for a place to live for a month (or two) on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We would like to rent a house in (or near) a town on the coast that is family friendly and quiet, not too touristy and not a party town. We would like it to be somewhat remote and somewhat free from development (ie: big hotels on the water or gated communities are not our style). Any advice or opinions about where to live will be greatly...
Thank You everyone!
Hi Rachelsmama! Where do yiou think the best place is to live in Nova Scotia?
Hi there We are thinking about spending the summer in Nova Scotia. What is the best town? We're looking for something somewhat remote, so not directly in Halifax. thanks!
Just looked into soft stared shoes and they look great, although I'm looking for something waterproof at this point (we live in new England........) http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.c...category_id=41
thanks everyone I bought a pair of Preschoolians a few days ago, when they came I realized that I had measured wrong and the shoes are WAY too big and don't even stay on my babe's feet. I bought a size 23, which translates to a size 7 according to their chart. So I decided to keep the Prescoolians and go for Live and Lucas (which were my favorites anyway....so cute!). When I measured for the Livie and Lucas I came up with the same size...size 7, we'll see if they...
Our DS pooped in the bath every night no matter what our timing was for a while, and now he doesn't do it anymore come to think of it! I guess he outgrew it.
we have booties and bottoms, but no butts The word butt is actually considered a bad word at school so we don't allow it at home either. That and 'shut up' - too harsh.
ThankS! Does anyone know about Livie and Luca? They make really cute shoes. Also prescoolians.....they seem to have a system for narrow/wide feet but I'm wondering about overall length? Do they seem to run big?
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