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Bacos or one of those brands is actually a soy base/vegan.  So you can still get the bacon taste by cooking some of those in with it. 
Yeah why cant all the cramping etc be saved for the end! I'm always pushing the little guyvaround whenever i think I feel anything odd to make sure I get some movement out of him. Feeling the samevsort of cramps this morning. Last night I was sitting kind of awkwardly and little one must not have liked it, I almost got a shocking situation, assuming it was just some big mvementbfrom him but it was kinda freaky!
Interesting! I thought rrl was for later in pregnancy? I realized mine was mostly due to a badly timed cough/cold. I think it's right when my muscles and ligaments were really starting to stretch I over worked them with my cough. Took me awhile to find the correlation just happened to notice how hard my lower belly muscles get worked when i cough. It's been much better this week.
I've actually seen agave nectar sticks. they look the same as the honey ones, but there agave and I think they avhe different flavors?  They have them at a coop out here but they're pretty veg friendly, so not sure how common they are.  Might be on the internet otherwise..  
my doctor says it normal to have menstrual like cramping in lower abdomen and it's not an issue unless there's bleeding. Everything was fine a week ago at 18 week us. Anyone else have them? I don't recall them being so annoying but I guess they can be worse with subsequent and I had a csection. Anyway, on my way to a warm bath but would love to hear I'm not alone!
That's funny cellist, everyone was sure I was having a girl because ds symptoms so different, and little various things, def a boy.
Oh yeah ds had no interest in toys for forever so kind of a waste of money for awhile.
I'm re-evaluating for going from 1-2. For ds, it seemed we used the pack n play in the living room with the bassinet insert (nt sure if they all have that?) for naps, diaper changes, and some hands free time, otherwise on the blanketed floor or bouncy chair (used particularly for showers). I like the pack n pay insert because it was a great height to work from. Never used crib, or the actual normal pack n play, or the mini bathtub, changing table, We had way too many...
Heya, I was having lots of brown spotting earlier in pregnancy and noticed same type of things. Normally heal on own within 20 weeks. Doc said nothing you can do about it, and based where mine was, next to placenta, it was a little better than elsewhere apparently. Anyway, it sucks because it doesn't always go away which kinda freaks me out but I've just been carrying on and thinking about it much less. It helps that I'm not bleeding etc anymore. Oh also my doc said...
Heya, I'm actually in the March DDC (going for DC2 now!), but thought I could respond since I meandered by.. I had this issue with my last pregnancy, but my doctor was great and very relaxed about it.  They told me my immune system was attacking the poor platelets.  So weird, right?  I think another poster mentioned that they probably want to retest just to make sure it wasn't just a bad test.  Which is really easy to have happen and maybe even a more common...
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