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Hi all! After six miscarriages, I am now excited to be 23 weeks pregnant. At my 20wk ultrasound, my placenta was C shaped and had a membrane like connection to itself. The very seasoned tech stated quite assuredly that I would be referred to a specialist in a larger town. Howe er, the OB blew it off as nothing. I am 40. And this is my 12th pregnancy, 7th living child. Also, this is not the first time tech has said something would be watched or noted, and the Ob just...
I am also planning a relocation to Memphis, and would love to know whom to seek out and whom to avoid!  Any recommendations? :)
Hey there! We are considering moving to Memphis as well, and I am 16 weeks pregnant.  So any recommendations or suggestions are welcomed!
I just wanted to update on Colby...we got to see the little "let's play" puppy stance of his!  I loved it!  He is doing much better, and has all stitches are out.  He still rests most of the day, but I know we are on the right track. :)
I am in a very rural part of the country.  I had to drive to another town and county to get emergency vet care for my dog. Seriously.  I'll check with them, but will not be at all surprised if they look at me like I have three heads.  Glad to know it's cheap, if it is available.  
Thank you for this thought.  I did call the vet about his behavior, but have not yet heard back from them.  Honestly, in our area of the country, they don't give dogs psych meds much.  Colby's only pain pill was similar to ibuprofen,  so I don't know how much relief he actually got. :(  I have been giving him Flaxseed oil with his food to help with the healing.  Maybe I can find something calming that would help, too.  Thanks again!
Thank you!  I really appreciate your hugs.  They have said they would keep her chained or find a new home for her.  I would prefer to have her re-homed because I don't want to be constantly watching to see if she is around when I take him outside.  I am sorry your dog has had aggression issues.  I really felt so bad for this couple, and was extremely thankful that they were able and willing to pay the bill.  
Lauren,    Thank you for your reply.   The reason I said "tough love" was to show the opposite of coddling, not to advocate that. Plus, I know that dogs can sense ANY weakness, and feed on that for power.  Now, I am not saying that is what my dog is doing at all.  I just don't want to do anything during this tough time of recovery, that will cause an issue for later.  Like him ignoring me when I call him to come to me.  That could potentially be a problem...
Our (neutered) Yorkie mix (Colby shown below) was viciously attacked by a neighbor's 6yo female (unneurtered) German Shepherd about a week ago on our property.  Thankfully, the neighbors have paid for the vet bill, which was over $700, because Colby had serious injuries that required surgery.  He came home last Wednesday with a drain tube, which was removed yesterday, but he still has quite a few stitches.   Well, he is healing.  And he is resting a lot.  He really...
We are finding ourself in this position as well. I have a question.. Is the local office at liberty to determine what's eligible? This seems quite subjective!
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