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We belong to an organic CSA and receive a huge quantity of high quality veggies each week for a very low cost.  Also we grow things ourself and can/freeze to help with cost.   Kroger sometimes has a clearance bin with organic items, which I stock up when I see it!   Hope this helps. Erica
Great article and great website!  Our family has been using the Laptop lunch systems for a couple of years and they work great-I love that I can pack good healthy food and not worry about wasteful or harmful packaging.  My only complaint is that the lids don't always fit on the containers correctly, which leads to spilled food in the box, so I had to get rid of a couple of the containers for that reason.  I'd like to checkout the Lunchbot system.  Also it really helps to...
It was confirmed at my OB/GYN that there is no heartbeat, no movement. I should be 9w4 days but baby only measured 8w1d. I have no signs yet of m/c but doctor said it will happen anytime between the next week to next month. I'm filled with sadness but know it must be for the best. Thanks for the help everyone. Best wishes for the next 8 months to everyone!
Our insurance is goofy because it will only pay for U/S if it is in a hospital and not if it is in my OB/GYN's office. My OB scheduled U/S at local hospital and I went for it this morning. It dated me at 8w1d, and the technician showed me the baby and yolk sac. But we didn't see heartbeat and baby was very still. I'm going to OB/GYN office at 3 for another U/S in her own office, regardless if insurance covers it. Please say some prayers. Is this normal not to see...
I'm definitely in the surprise category. We've been in that "not trying but not really preventing" mode for a long time. I had pretty much given up that we are going to have more children--my youngest is 6. So this is an extra special blessing for us!
Please count me in for a swap if we do one.
It's really hit me this week. I can't even stand to have my arms crossed and resting over my stomach--the pressure makes me feel sick. So you're definitely not alone!
Name: Erica Weeks/Days along: 9 weeks Appointments: Saw OB/GYN last week, have u/s scheduled for this Thursday to date the due date and to look for abnormalities (I'm over 35). Symptoms: Still nauseaus all the time. Looking forward to it passing and a "normal" appetite to return. Still tired and sluggish. Food: I have a love/hate thing going on with food at the moment. One minute I'm feeling sick, the next minute I could eat anything. Very weird. Exercise: ...
I agree with the others to ditch this OB to the curb! If she is not compassionate now...what is it going to be like during your actual labor? You want someone you "click" with to help you through your labor...not a cold fish who is going to tell you to suck it up and get over it. Good luck!
Name: Erica Weeks/Days along: 8.5 weeks Appointments: OB/GYN on Friday. Will have U/S next week! Disappointed because I just found out that midwives are no longer at my OB's office. I used midwives with #1 & #2 so I'm a little freaked out. Symptoms: Lovin the big boobies. Not so much the nausea and I vomited for the first time this week. Nor the constant need to pee! Also still extremely tired. Can't focus on anything! Food: Craving spicy foods. Go figure....
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