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Wow, it has been years since I posted on MDC! I am a single mama to 2 boys (almost 4 and almost 7.) We homeschooled until this year when we put oldest ds in public school. It has been an ok experience. No real surprises, no big complaints. Little one is still home with me as I juggle school and trying to get into school to become a nurse-midwife.    I have spent the last 11 years as a doula, midwife apprentice, activist, etc. and the past almost 7 years aiming for a...
ds (age 6) squats too. i just don't make any deal of it. He was ECd btw.
help! i had a great recipe i used from a library book, but i don't have it anymore. does anyone have any tried and trusted?? thanks
Sub me! I want more books and so does ds. Has anyone ever used the booklist in the back of "Earthways"? I've started using it, and many of the books are found at the library. unlike the other traditional Waldorf ones.
I have Enki Kindergarten and am looking for more ideas for projects, creative play, puppet shows, etc. Enki has lots of stories and songs/verses which we use but I need more ideas for the rest of the day! My little one soon-to-be-five has become absorbed in coloring and writing and seems to have temporarily forgotten how to "play." He is hard to pull outside (no, we don't have a tv either.) Thank you!
I know someone who has been Waldorf homeschooling for several years now, and she now uses solely Live Ed- use to use Christopherus...for whatever it's worth.
fed ex in us ships breastmilk. i sent mine on dry ice for a few months, and they never really asked any questions...but that wasn't in canada.
I have no idea where to post this, but our 3-6 year old waldorf coop wants to begin our day with the kids kneading and shaping bread loaves to bake for lunch. My child and at least one other is gluten-free. Any ideas of kneadable gluten-free recipes you can bake and eat?? Thanks.
I love our Enki Kindergarten...I've had it for about two years (since ds was 3.) I fluctuate b/w unschooling and Enki, which I think is a fine place when you have a 19mth old and an almost 5 year old! Enki keeps me anchored. We love the philosophy. We have used the music/movement for a long time now with fairly regular circle times. We are still just starting to use their stories, but I know they're going to be well-used. This week we read about a story about a mama bear...
I have 5 trainers- Imse Vimse. I also have a dozen or more prefolds. We have 2 wool covers that serve to protect over trainers or prefolds. ECing with #2 (EC'd #1 too) I've relied more on back-up dipes. He tells me everytime he pees, and we catch many of them beforehand. He also tells us whenever he has to poop. I hate pinning on dipes at this stage, and he does too, but we're going through our trainers really fast. I do NOT need to spend more money on dipes/trainers....
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