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Could it be partly a maturity thing? I don't know if you mentioned how old she is, but I could see myself saying some dumb stuff like that when I was younger. Like homeschoolers are all religious nutjobs, homebirthers are insane, etc. I've matured considerably, though (or at least, I'd like to think I have).
I keep something interesting near the change table for this exact situation. Right now, it's a TV remote. It seems to keep him occupied - for now.
Has mischievous been discussed yet? The pronunciation of that word drives me nuts. It's like people mix up the words mysterious and mischievous. It's so pervasive, I've heard it pronounced incorrectly by English teachers and even in popular music. It's MISS-chiv-us Not miss-CHEE-vee-us There's no "i" before the "ous." I think it's one of those words that has just evolved into being so commonly mispronounced, that everyone just thinks it's right.
Oh, I just read your reply above. With the chicken, for example, why not try just cutting it up into little pieces instead of pureeing? She might prefer it that way.
DS (11 months old) eats a ridiculous amount of food. He still nurses 5 times a day, and sometimes once or twice at night (he's been sleeping through the night more and more lately, though). We feed him pretty much whatever we're eating. So tonight, we're having chili, so I'll give him kidney beans and ground beef, plus probably some fruit. We never spoon feed him anything because he prefers to feed himself. Breakfast is usually buttered toast and sliced banana,...
Not long after I had DD, I had major bum issues - hemmroids, constipation, all that fun stuff. After getting lots of different advice from friends, i went to the store and bought a cart-load of items, just to help get things moving: blueberries, prune juice, ground flax, All Bran, Metamucil, Benefibre, prunes, Raisin Bran, Bowel Buddies cookies. I thought the checkout lady was looking at me kinda funny, but maybe it's because i was feeling so self-conscious.
I had a coworker suggest that I spank DD for night waking (that was over a year ago). He said i was "rewarding her" by letting her come into our bed. I was so shocked that I couldn't even reply with something coherent.
DD went through the witholding too. Big hugs for you, mama, because I know how difficult this can be. DD would say the same thing, "My bum hurts." Which meant she had the urge to poo, but she would hold it in. We tried a variety of things, including bribes, but what eventually worked was putting the portable DVD player in the bathroom for her to watch a Dora video. We also made a big deal when she did finally poop, and both me and DH would have to "come see it." ...
We say "vulva." I don't like cutesy made-up names either.
I don't get the hovering and seat covering. I just sit. I guess it's sort of gross to get microscopic bits of someone else's pee or poo on my bum cheeks, but I shower daily so I'm not worried about it.
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