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DD has been bitten at least 5 times while in daycare. I know I'm often too laidback for my own good, but it didn't phase me at all. I felt badly for her, of course, but I never would have dreamed of pulling her from daycare because of a bite. It was obviously a big issue in my DD's daycare class so the teachers addressed it with a handout to all the parents, outlining the strategies they were using to deal with it, and also explaining that it wasn't abnormal, although...
I always wear a sports bra with a regular underwire bra over it. helps battle the bounce for me.
I'd just say something like, "Sorry can't talk now. I'm in the zone." But yeah, that's so rude.
I say this gently, but i think he's just to young to get it right now. It's about impulse control, of which he has little right now. How long do you need to use the laptop for? Are we talking hours at a time? Does he nap? My DS is high-ish needs, but he's becoming a bit more independent these days. Can you give him pots and pans and big spoons to play with? Will he sit in his high chair and eat while you do some work? I think you need to change your expectations...
i only like Superbowl because I can eat some of DH's chicken wings. :P
I'm a Farmville junkie too. DD asks me every morning, "Can we look at the farm?" She loves seeing all the animals and choosing which seeds to plant.
I loved mine. I wore it almost every day while I was PG, and quite often up until DS was about 6 months old. I liked it for nursing too - it covered my belly and kept my back warm.
I think some of the playful stuff we do I may have read about here on MDC at some point. For picking up toys, we have a big toy box andI tell DD that she has to pick up all the toys and hide them in the treasure chest or else the pirate will take them. DH lurks somewhere nearby and yells out the occasional "Arrrrgh!" or "Shiver me timbers!" in a pirate voice. He comes in when she's done, strutting around like a pirate and complains that he can't find the...
We play with DD a lot. I can set her up with crayons or markers and colouring books or playdough, but she won't play with those things alone. She wants me to draw things for her or make things out of playdough. She does still sometimes nap but when she doesn't, she'll quite happily hang out in her bed alone and "read" books to herself. Any chance of that happening in your house?
That's all great advice, Evan&Anna's Mom. I will definitely take it to heart. Thank you.
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