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My favorite thing about baby wearing is that it fosters intuitive parenting, and helps me meet the needs of my toddler AND preschooler at the same time. Win! (I liked mothering on FB)
congratulations mama!! sending love and light.
you ladies are so talented! i love all the little woolens. i have crocheted one baby hat so far. i am in a christmas crafting frenzy atm, but after the holidays i plan to sew all kinds of baby things. does anyone have a link to an easy crochet longies/soaker pattern? i am dying to make some for my girls. i spin yarn and have tons, so i need to get crafty with it. :)
i have a boba and an ergo. they are both really nice. the ergo seems to have slightly thicker padding on the shoulders and the pocket was awesome. my ergo was my errands carrier b/c of the pocket. it stays in the van and i still use it with my 2 yo. the boba is great too. i got it last winter when they were on sale at zulily. my DH likes it better than the ergo. he is 6ft tall. the higher back makes it more comfy IMO than the ergo once your LO gets a certain height. the...
i have a nice stash of woven wraps. they are all didymos and natibaby. i have an ergo and a boba also. i hang out on tbw all the time and love to try out whatever new wraps i can get my hands on. i can't wait to wrap this little bebe. my toddler is surely going to want to worn too, so i see a lot of tandem wearing in our future. the only other thing i think i am going to get is a wrap converted to a ring sling. i love babywearing!
Bumping this up. The last day to sign up is nov. 1st Join us!!
with my first, i had a baby shower and a mother blessing. it was awesome. my mom and sister did the baby shower for all of my extended family and hometown friends. then all of my close girlfriends gave me a mother blessing. they were both great. i got things like a pack-n-play, clothes, cloth diapers etc. at the shower and did a birthing necklace, belly cast and shared birth stories at the mama blessing. they were both equally awesome and everyoone wasw happy. have fun!!
you might have to change your settings to "indiviual email" or "daily digest"   there has only been about 6 mamas join and really not a lot of discussion. if someone has a better way to do it, please chime in.   birthfree~ you don't have to join, just pm someone to find out dates and where to send beads. none of that has been decided yet though. its all still up for discussion on the group.
My vit.d came back low from my bloodwork. I am supplementing and hope it's working. Thanks for this info!
bumping this up.
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