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I agree. Diapers are the only real necessity (unless you birth in the hospital, and then you need a carseat or they won't allow you to take your little darling home). I do like the luxury of a carrier, though. I used a homemade wrap when DS was born, and switched to an ergo when he was 3 months or so. I figured the money I saved on not buying a crib, changing table, sposies, formula or tub was well spent on a good carrier. Oh, and I got a great pump. I figured that even a...
Aw, honey, I'm so sorry. Would your daughter's pediatrician happen to have a LC on staff? Mine did, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Also, your midwife may have connections to a LC and I would get her back over to your house ASAP because she should be able to spot something amiss.
I'm feeling the same way you are. My son is the same age (born 2/10/09). I am so forgetful lately, I argue with my husband, I'm tired all the time, I feel just completely useless to my son, and I have no interest in playing games with him and having fun as a mom. I wondered what was wrong with me, and I took the quiz someone posted on here. I'm not on BC (bfing my son). I wonder if it's me staying at home. The job market sucks here, so going back to work is about out of...
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