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Singapore Math (along with many other companies) offers books of story problems. Try looking for books of story problems, or multiplication story problem books in google and amazon.
Yep, I can't even count the number of times my DS has fallen off the bed.   When he was really little it gave us peace of mind to get rid of the frame and just put the mattress and boxspring on the floor, and since my DH is the one who worries in the family, he would put pillows on the side of the bed that wasn't against the wall. But like a PP, around that age, my DS was also diving off the bed (usually on purpose.)
Hmmm.... I don't think cupcakes are too kid-ish. You could do muffins though, or cake made in muffin tins. I was going to suggest the one big cake, with 17 cupcakes around it. OR, 1 big cake (maybe divided into 10 parts with icing or something else, a candle in each section) and 7 cupcakes. OR, divide your batter into 18 parts, and make some really thin cakes. If you can't find mini-cake pans, another idea is to use oven safe glass containers, like corningware. Or, cut...
As long as you are not in BC, you don't have to report anything (assuming that kenya doesn't have mandatory schooling laws?) I really wouldn't be able to tell you if you even have to report anything while you are living in BC, you'd have to look into your provincial laws. In my state, I do not legally have to tell anyone that I am homeschooling, but if my son is previously enrolled in school, I have to tell them that I am withdrawing him from school or else he will be...
I gave birth at Henry Ford West Bloomfield with the midwives(I saw Lynn prenatally), and she(along with my nurse) was really great about listening to my preferences, and easily agreeing to most of what I asked for (very low amounts of monitoring(mostly doppler), incredibly limited cervical checks (maybe 2-3 total?), laboring in the water, delayed cord cutting(until the cord had stopped pulsing), no IV, no hospital gown(I wore my own normal clothes), freedom of movement,...
If you're interested, there are some really great home birth midwives in the area, and some really great hospital midwives that have OBs available to help if needed. Depending on where you live, and how far you're willing to drive, there are a couple of birth centers nearby as well.
    On another note, I do not think that having Zoos to entertain us is something important. Having zoos that educate people, and actually protect the animals, yes, that is something of value. 
So, what IS fair then?   Should humans just stand by and let dangerous animals eat them(due to the advantages that the animals have)?   Or should we protect ourselves, using the advantages that we have? I think it's not natural for a species to protect something that actually does harm it.    (But I do agree with other posters that preserving their habitats is the most desirable thing)  
Weird. Why not try telling him to back off if you feel uncomfortable. 
I don't get it, why write the post if you're just going to argue and are not truly interested in the opinions of others?   Anyways, I like zoos that are like mine that are more than just "show off animals in cages." I once went to a zoo overseas that was basically a public park that had cages(metal bars) with random animals in them(mostly peacocks and monkeys). It was really sad.    I once saw a documentary/nature show about these man-eating tigers in India. One tiger...
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