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thanks, i seriously thought i was crazy or something!
YAY! Aunt Flo came to visit! I was missing her! but then i remembered that periods suck.... oh well... Starting from a few months pp, i've been having cramping about every month. i called it my "fake period." now i'm starting to think it was ovulation cramping? I thought ovulation pain was a sharp pain, not cramping! anyhow, i was having these cramps a few weeks ago, then, one week later AF finally shows up(with more cramping the other day, i was cramping, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Anastasiya Put a hat on him when he's sleeping so she can't see them? that is the cutest hat ever!
Ok, I have a question... my last pregnancy was ob - transfer to hospital CNM at 33 wks - birth in hospital with CNM, and i had all the typical OB tests(didn't know i could/should refuse them, but now i DO know better, etc...) next preg, i'm planning a UC, but was planning to see my old CNM at least for the 20 wk US, because, in my mind, it's extremely dangerous to NOT get a US. on stating that, i am thinking about what "all the reasons" for this might be,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad But what percentage of the total duck are just the feet and added together how many "total ducks" do you get? The answer would still be <1. lol
is the answer to the location in CAPS? i've heard of people calling the company..... one time this happened with my gmail account. only, it locked me out for a week, there was NOTHING i could do but wait a whole week to get in i dont know how long hotmail locks you out, but, why not try again in a few hours? do you KNOW you're entering the right password?
s actually, i'm traumatized by DS's birth too, and my birth was not as bad as yours. I let my hospital MW have too much control, and, although it looked like the perfect birth(no drugs, no pain), i really should have had my UC water birth like i had wanted. DS was in the NICU, probably because I let the MW do AROM. I still have nightmares 7 months later
what if you give her the milk in a normal(not sippy) cup? but, ITA with everyone else, she doesn't NEED animal milk as a BM substitute. calcium, fat, etc. can all be gotten from somewhere else if you're looking for a BM substitute, why not consider toddler formula? i probably wouldn't use it, but if DS really wasn't eating, and i really couldn't keep up with nursing/pumping, i probably would do toddler formula.
AWESOME!!!! The article made breast feeding seem dirty or something but the actions of the court, and the judge were just amazing!!!!
DS's name wasnt on our lists. I looked at him, staring him down to learn his name. The second day, I looked at DS, and said to DH, "he looks like *ds's name*" DH goes "really?" i said "yeah" its not a name we were considering, actually, we considered it months before he was born but had decided that maybe it would be too hard to pronounce, etc. eta: the birth cert lady on the hospital kept coming to my room every few hours trying to get the name from us, we finally told...
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