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Wear your baby. All the time. I wish I had better advice for you, but I don't. In your shoes I would just be flying by the seat of my pants, and I'd opt to wear, wear, wear, that baby!.
Thank you! I loose weight slooooooowww, so no matter how little it is in inches, it's all a challenge for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Breeder What? No, seriously what? He used the term "psychologically damaging"? Anyone who's ever so much as picked up a book on the subject can tell you that having an absent father is way more damaging than dressing up a dolly, which is what I would've retorted with because I'm blunt like that. : Well, my dd dresses her doll to match........... it's naked. *sigh* My boys never did this.
Quote: Originally Posted by yarngoddess Oh momma! This sounds like a tough situation you're in. I have only read the OP's posts...not much of the other awesome MDC mommas. *sorry* At first I was going to say, Mountain out of mole hill. THEN I read more of what you described....and I must say that you are in a pickle! You are struggling with working and a VERY little baby. You are having a hard time figuring out how being a mommy and working all fits...
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Fever is not damaging Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Fever is not dangerous. This is wrong. To new mothers reading this, you must understand that the above is misinformation. Fevers CAN sometimes be dangerous. Quote: Originally Posted by Bea It's not something I'd put up with myself and therefore, there's no way I'd do it to my baby. Just because they can't...
Quote: Originally Posted by OGirlieMama and bite - yes. It makes me understand why my kids bite each other - I'm 38 years old and I can just barely restrain myself sometimes! OMG! I always have the urge to bite too! Never to hit, but I really have to fight that biting urge.
Hello I've decided since #4 is almost 6 months old, it's really time to shape up. I just took my measurements, and here is what I'm up against: Arms: 11" Goal: 10.5" Thighs: 23" Goal: 21" Belly(2" below the navel): 37" Goal: 32" So, there's my agenda. I never diet, I don't really need to. So what I'll be doing, (what I usually do, but have been to lazy to bother with is walking/hiking, some lower body exercise (yk, squats/lunges) yoga, and weights (arms),...
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