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I hope your DH comes around $300 for diapers is way cheaper than what you guys would be paying- especially if you sell them after or have another baby and use them twice!   Also, for those of you who are new to cloth diapers, we had great luck with buying a huge gallon of Allen's Naturally for DD. It literally lasted us the entire time that she was in diapers (birth to almost 2).  We also love Weleda's Calendula diaper care and have had 0 issues with it washing...
We loved thirsties for DD.  I just got some new(er) ones from a friend and the new sizing seems really great. 
My family practice doc doesn't expect to see my LO until she's 2 months.  She was happy to hear that the midwives will do the first checks and said she doesn't think it's a good idea for postpartum moms and brand new babies to be running around to well baby visits if they're being monitored elsewhere.   Her response made me really happy that I found her!
Love and peace to you Harmony.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  RIP sweet Jonathan.
Walk Hang out with DD doing fun, special things she wants to do swim read in the the bath for a very long time  
Congratulations!!!  Welcome sweet Brian!
Oh no!  I hope things improve for him soon.
Wow!!  Congratulations to you and welcome sweet boy!!
I've been thinking a lot about you guys too and am so glad to hear that you've had a good day!
Just chiming in to say that plenty of MDC moms do vaccinate.  My home birthed, cloth diapered, kale loving, no commercial watching, creative, sparkly daughter who was breastfed and slung for more than 2 years is fully vaccinated at this point.  We started off doing them selectively, but we've always known that we would vaccinate our children.  I ate my placenta and we co-slept/sleep too, if that gives me bonus crunch points.  It's really not all or nothing and the...
New Posts  All Forums: