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My daughter plays with her people more than the big sets.  She builds them houses out of blocks or magnatiles or puts them on her train.  Basically, she incorporates them into her other (non Playmobil) toys.  We have the school and the vet clinic, and they don't get played with that often.  She does have a different, big, wood dollhouse that her playmobil people "live in".    She loves the wheel chair and the stroller people and they probably get the most use at our...
I hope he's doing well today. 
I'm at 35.5 weeks and I've gained 46 pounds.  Holy smokes!!!  I'm just really, really hungry.  I gained about this much with DD total and lost it all pretty easily, so I'm not that worried.  I will say those numbers are quite a shock though!  Good thing we have a Y membership and that their childcare is awesome.
Thinking of you both often!  Hang in there little man!!
Nice list Kindermama.  I have no idea how they'll turn out, but I just rolled a pan of enchiladas and froze it.  Most of what I'm making will need to be thawed and then just baked.    So far, I have frozen:   sweet potato cottage pie (yum!!!) mac and cheese several things of chilli beef stew turkey pasta bake several things of goulash   I'm going to add a curry today.  Does rice freeze well?   I also plan on making a couple of quiches and maybe...
As a Catholic adult step child I could barely read your post. You *chose* to marry a man with a child but didn't expect him to actually be a parent to that child?!  How could you resent your husband being a father to his son? Wouldn't you want him to treat your children the same way? How is resenting and excluding a child a traditional Catholic value? I think you need to go talk to your priest about this.  I know that he'll remind you that all children are gifts from God...
How are you all doing with this? I think we have about 10 meals put away right now.  I've been trying to just make twice as much dinner and freeze half.     
You can also contact the ladies at Jillians Drawers.  It's an American company, but they do tons of international orders and are really helpful.   One thing to think about re: the environmental impact is that you will probably reuse most of your diapers if you have other children or you sell them, so the stats are off.  The baby I'm pregnant with now will be the fourth child in some of the diapers that we'll be using.  She'll be the second or third in most of them. ...
Thinking of you all often, mama.  I love the name Jonathan.  It's so strong!
I haven't read all of the replies, but I can't imagine not getting my kiddos a SSN.  We travel as a family and DD got her passport at age 2.  Everything would be such a pain without an SSN.  Not to mention, taxes, insurance, and all of those fun things.
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