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I'm walking a couple of miles a couple of times a week, doing water aerobics once a week and doing a weekly prenatal yoga class.  I quit doing zumba and running early in the pregnancy and am so impressed by people who keep them up throughout!
My parents were the same way.  They had money and were really generous to me when I was in college and graduate school.  I'm not a brat and I really appreciate them now.  They're still really generous to me and my family and I appreciate them.  I think it's terrific when families share what they have!  That's how my parents were to me and it's how I am to my kiddos.
Thinking of you and your tiny guy!  Lots of love to you both.
Thinking of your sweet boy and you tonight!  I hope he's well!
Oma, I think your post is pretty assumptive.  We buy our DD nice presents and good toys because we really like to play as a family.  She happily entertains herself with her toys for much of the day and I know that's good for her development.  She's really happy when she's playing and I like having a richly prepared play environment for her.  I'm not convinced that DD has ever seen a commercial for a toy because we're pretty strict about screen time and don't have...
We got DD's main present (a marble run) for free with points from our Amazon card. I also bought her three packs of colored duct tape.  I might add a book in the mix as well.  Other than this, I will get some $$ candy from Whole Foods for her stocking b/c she can't have artificial food dyes. I'll probably also load it up with some stickers and art supplies and some small playmobil kits.    She gets a ton of gifts from our family, so we could spend nothing and she'd...
My friend who had the stroke had absolutely no symptoms until she was having the stroke.  She knew she was having it because she's a clinician.  She was not overweight (probably under, actually), ate a great diet, took good care of herself, etc., etc.  Please go in.
If you have an Ikea nearby, buy your stuff from them.  They have to adhere to European standards and are much, much better than most companies.   We got DD's mattress from BRU and it was awful.  We spent extra for the less gross one (and should have bought the certified organic) and it was still terrible.  It stunk for a month.  If you're going to get a regular one, buy it now and put it in the garage or on the porch so it won't be as disgusting for your little...
I've kind of done the opposite with my preschooler.  I'm usually really strict about screen time and the house being clean and I've let that go quite a bit.  I'm trying to pick my battles and if that means she watches 2 hours of pbs shows in a day but doesn't get yelled at, then I'm okay with it.  
I'm DDC crashing from Jan., but I also want to urge you to please go in and get it checked out with a clinician.   I have a good friend who had a stroke while pregnant and blood pressure isn't something to mess around with.  I don't mean to scare you, but go get a real baseline and see where you are and then start thinking about protein intake and all of that if it doesn't require immediate attention.    I'm obsessive about my protein take, but I know that new...
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