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Mine was and recently turned.  I did a whole bunch of inverted positioning, lots of yoga (specifically cat-cow and downward facing dog) and, my favorite, ate ice cream and frozen yogurt in a hot bathtub when my feet were up.  I've also heard that moxibustion on your little toe and chiropractic adjustments can help.     Check out the Spinning Babies website and try not to stress too much, you still have lots of time.
This thread makes me appreciate that my midwives don't make me do a weigh in.  :)
You're making Runzas!?    When my DD was born, my mom had a dozen of the real ones frozen when she came to see me!  It was the best post-partum gift ever!!!     Well, we've added three more dinners.  DH made a huge thing of goulash.  I've found that just using ziploc freezer bags to freeze meals works really well.
My first was born at a free standing birth center at 2ish am.  We left around 10 the next morning.  The midwives came to our house twice after that to check on us and make sure all was well.  This birth center was pretty much like having a home birth at a bed and breakfast.
I don't have boys, but I wouldn't do it if I did.  It's becoming less common, so being intact will be much more normal for our kids than it was for us (if we're American).   I've baby sat several little boys and only one was cut.  I run in a crunchy crowd, but that says something.
Thank you Cynthia and MDC!  I'm so glad this is going to be starting.     Signed, Someone planning her second homebirth
HardCoreMom, those look really good.   I bought a bunch of plastic to go things and have just been cooking twice as much as normal to feed the freezer.  It's a pretty easy thing and on the weekends I'm making huge amounts of things.  Last weekend I made a massive pot of chilli and this week I'll do the same with goulash.
How are you all doing with this?  I'm less ambitious than I was initially, but I'm starting to feed the freezer.   So far, I have:   3 nights of chilli 2 nights of burritos 1 night of mac and cheese   I'm going to try and get at least 20 meals done, so I have some work to do on this.
I just wanted to say that I think a c-section forum would be awesome for MDC.  With them representing 33% of all births in the US, it seems silly not to.
YAY!! Many congratulations!
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