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Absolutely not. I can't imagine jeopardizing my kiddos' health like that.
Hi. I'm new here and I've been lurking. I've seen some references to momas saying that they don't encourage their kids to share. Can someone please explain this to me? I want generous kids who put people above stuff. I love it when my LO shares with others and I can't imagine discouraging it. If you discourage sharing, can you please explain why and also talk about how your child interacts with others? What happens when your child grabs something from another kiddo?...
Sent. That's repulsive.
-use the library -always pack water/snacks/lunches -pay for things in full to avoid interest -become part of a community and swap things -swap child care -bake! -don't watch commercials or read catalogs- they're designed to make you feel inferior
If you're in pain and need assistance, please get it. There's no award or badge for "sticking it out" or "being tough". Do what you need to do mama. Follow your instincts. If that means finding a midwife or OB and getting some relief/support/assurance then by all means do it! (Wo)men are not islands. : Good luck!
Yikes. I don't have a lot of advice about how to pay bills cash only (our bills are automatically deducted- you could consider that) but I want to gently point out that if you're in the hole each month and expecting another child, perhaps you should consider getting rid of cable and going to a pre-paid cell phone. You will probably free up at least $100/month if you get rid of these things. Many Americans seem to think cable and cell phones are necessities, but they're...
I think it's more about the parents than the kids. Puzzles are convenient and easily measured and validate parents' beliefs that their children are gifted.
I see that you're in Texas, if I was in your position, I would head south and go to Mexico for an US! If I was planning a UC I definitely wouldn't want to go to an OB. Good luck!
1.) How many people are eating? 2 adults and 1 nursing toddler 2.) Are you in a low/mid/high COL area? mid- midwest 3.) Do you recieve WIC to supplement it? no 4.) Do you garden or get free produce from others? we garden but don't get much food out of it- probably $20/month in the summer 5.) Do you can/dry/freeze/preserve food? sort of but not much- a few bags of tomatoes usually get frozen but only enough for a couple batches of...
Ours are on shelves in the book things you get during graduation. My MA and DH's PhD are in envelopes because we need to have them framed but lack wall space.
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