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Me too! I'm not even underweight normally- I'm very average.  I gained a lot with DD too.  My thin mom always did as well.  Some people are just hungry gainers when they're pregnant.  All my tests are great.  If it helps you all, I lost the weight with DD in like the first three months so I really wouldn't worry about it if you're normally thin or average.   I just finished a bowl of baked oatmeal and it's 9:30.  :)
We love these too!  I usually make them with carrots and serve it over quinoa with a little feta.  It's so good!   Tonight I'm making beans and rice.  Last night I made pulled pork.  All of it is going in burritos with sour cream, spinach, tomatoes and salsa.  Yum!
I've heard GMD are great, but I used Indian and Chinese prefolds from Jillians Drawers http://jilliansdrawers.com/.  You can call them with questions and they're super helpful (they're also just an awesome, responsible company).  I liked the Indian ones best because they were unbleached and very soft.  All of them held up well to many washes with DD and will probably work just as well for this baby.  Prefolds are really a great way to diaper for very little money. ...
I used some wool with DD.  Honestly, it was a bit of a pain when she was a nb because you have to *scrub* poo stains out by hand rather than just toss them in the bin.  I loved prefolds though.  It really is easy to cd if you have a washer at your home.  I think it's actually easier because you never have to run out to have clean diapers.  I'm very crunchy about some things and super duper mainstream about others.  It's not a competition and there's no award, we're all...
No kidding.  I think you're over-reacting.  Your DD wants a toy and they're buying it for her.  It sounds like she's a lucky kid with grandparents who act like grandparents.
I personally would add a few more diapers to your nb stash if you want to just use nb prefolds.  My DD was cd'ed from day one and we usually used at least 24 diapers between washing.  I liked to give us at least a day and a half before laundry needed to get done though.    We were gifted 18 kissaluvs and several nb covers and we also bought 18 nb fuzzi bunz.  I feel very good about this amount of diapers for a newb.  After this, we have 2 dozen prefolds and a dozen or so...
Congratulations! Welcome sweet baby Finn.  May you continue to thrive and come home soon!
I was going to suggest asking for memberships to places like zoos and museums as well.  Our city also has several free days at museums each month.    We also spend a lot of time at the YMCA.  It's not free, but they're great about giving scholarships to families and it's a wonderful place to spend time with little ones.
We probably eat something with beans and/or rice 2 times a week.  We're not vegetarian, but we eat a lot of Asian and Mexican inspired meals.  For instance, tonight's dinner will be brown rice, refried beans, sour cream, salsa, fresh spinach, grated cheese and fresh guacamole.     Last week we had a ham and bean soup and a lentil/ quinoa dish.  We eat stir fry about once a week and often eat curry over rice. 
I think the best thing to do for managing pain is just move and get through it.  I had excruciating back labor with my daughter and absolutely would have had an epi had I been in the hospital.  It hurt like h3ll.  I moved around a lot and DH offered counter pressure, but it was just something I had to get through because there weren't other options- I was having a baby, there weren't any drugs, and I needed to just get it done.  I'm not sure if that makes...
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