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Thank-you, ladies! I was in an idea rut. Cooking for her has also made me realize just how much butter we eat in our house...it's probably a good exercise to cook with none for a while just to make a change! Thanks!
A close friend of mine is in need of meals. Her DH was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last Autumn and he's in the middle of chemo treatments right now. He will soon undergo a marrow transplant. They have two young children, ages 1 and 3. Her youngest is SEVERELY allergic to dairy. As in epi-pen allergic. She's a busy professional and is a little overwhelmed with taking care of DH, the children, her job and coping with the worry of facing cancer. They need...
Bouillabaise. Yum!
Oh, you are no slacker. I JUST got around this summer to planting fruit trees for my boys. They are 5 and nearly 4 years old. We had long-running jokes about how much freezer space was devoted to placentas. The trees seem to have taken well, so I'm guessing there would be no harm in planting the placentas under a tree. We did defrost first. We just had boy #3 on Sunday and his placenta took up residence in the freezer. We'll try to get to his tree in the spring!
Quote: Originally Posted by oddeebean Saw it. Thought it was hilarious. There is no science in intelligent design, and it absolutely baffles my mind when people try to treat it as a scientific topic. Its a religious concept that people try to disguise as a scientific one. The movie lost me immediately when they played that card. Please, go study religion, philosophy, and the humanities. Fantastic. Teach at a religious school even: no problems there. Leave...
Super article...thanks!
I waited until after the placenta delivered. It took somewhere close to half an hour I think. It's great to make sure your baby gets all the benefits of that rich last Mamma's nourishing blood. Almost nothing leaked out when we did cut it.....so different from my first child....a hospital birth where they cut the cord within minutes of birth....THAT was a mess....but we did have the opportunity to donate that time, which made us feel a bit better.
We just finished. I'm EXHAUSTED....but the turkey got done before the baby got done, so I'm just glad to still be on my feet. We had just my family, but it was wonderful. We had: Brined turkey with herbed butter between the skin and the meat Stuffing (in turkey) of bread, chestnuts, onions, celery, etc....very standard Stuffing in muffin tins....cornbread and bacon (new recipe...to DIE for!) Giblet gravy Wild rice with roasted butternut squash and leeks Green...
We don't have any dietary restrictions in our house, so some of these might not work for you, but might give you some ideas. I'm 39 weeks, 2 days and so far, I have in my freezer: Vegetarian chili Vegetarian marinara sauce (you can put this over pasta, spaghetti squash, baked potatoes...all add veggies to a simply-made base) Meat bolognaise Beef stroganoff (sauce, not the noodles...again would be great over a baked potato) Vegetarian lasagna Fish chowder (without...
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