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Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 WOw. You have really put my in-law complaints in perspective. You are a strong mama and you CAN refuse to ever take your children there again. You can do it. I was just thinking this!!
Oh, a note about her day time sleep, in case that helps. She takes a morning nap 10-12 and afternoon nap 2-4:30 (used to be 5). I've wondered if she was sleeping too much, had reached a stage where she needed less sleep. Today I cut her morning nap down (10-11)--probably should've cut only be 30 minutes to begin w/ . Her afternoon nap I cut to 2 hours (2-4). She is also acting like she's hungry at night when she wakes...should I somehow supplement her...
Hi all. My DD is 10 months old and has slept alone in a crib since she was 2 months old (she has preferred and slept better apart from me--unlike her sister who was a snuggler ). I've always nursed her at bedtime and laid her down asleep or awake--both have worked. She's a good self-comforter (finger-sucker). Until recently, she awoke for one night feeding (anywhere from 4 to 6 a.m....and even some nights of sleeping straight until 7 a.m.) Whenever I fed her at night,...
I agree, def carry a hand pump and do some while DH is busy...even if you just pump and dump. Plugged ducts are no fun. I think w/ food and a sippy (or a straw...my 10 mo can do a straw) she should be fine. I understand your anxiety. I left DD recently for teh first time and I was a nervous wreck
Ah, the joy of family! My SIL is like your MIL. We see her on holidays and she could never understand why I wouldn't let my infants "just have a taste" of her "famous" cheesecake. BECAUSE THE BABY IS 5 MOS OLD AND EATS NO SOLIDS!! That, and phrases like "you're STILL nursing? I fed my babies scrambled eggs when they were 2 weeks old!"
I'm thinking it's just been so long since she had a 9 month old... My DD is 10 months old and she wouldn't HAVE A CLUE what to do w/ a crayon (except, of course, EAT it)!
Shew! I'm glad mine isn't the only one!!! 2 was bad and just when it looked like things were settling down and she was learning to listen and cooperate, BAM! attitude city!
This year I found some bath fizzies in the shapes of eggs (inside each was a dinosaur )
If you eat chocolate and Peanut butter, I say make monkey munch! YUM, we love it though we only make it once every couple of months...
I am not a med prof, so take this with a grain of salt... My youngest (around that age...she's 10 mos now) went NINE days w/ out a BM! (she went from multiple daily poops to pooping once a week for a while!) We asked the ped and he said as long as it was soft when it came out (and not little poop balls) and as long as she didn't seem to be in pain/too gassy/upset...it was probably ok. Breastfed babies are pretty efficient at using up all they get sometimes. For...
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