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Happy Belated Birthdays to Anna, Oz, Mielle, Robin, and Cecilia and anyone else I have failed to mention. It is hard to believe that David will be 4 years old in two days. He was supposed to be born on the 8th but Hurricane Jeanne caused everyone to go into labor except for me so my induction got bumped to the 10th. Now if he would just quit with the whining! Homeschool co-op starts for us tomorrow. I can't wait! David is old enough to participate in the classes now.
Hi! I live about 14 miles east of Cheyenne but I am in town quite frequently. I have to boys. DS#1 is 5.5 and DS#2 will be 4 years old on Wednesday. The LLL group in town is fantastic. I think you will find that Wyoming is quite laid back. The peds haven't given me any trouble about selective vaxing.
We will have to look into this festival next year.
Quote: Originally Posted by JenInMpls Some of you may not remember back this far, to the very, very very beginning of the Sept 04 DDC, but first there was Caroline... and then there was Shannon, Shannon0218. Shannon was so hopefully pregnant after 2 miscarriages, and then miscarried again. She never left our DDC, though, and really lent great support and sunshine to all of us. She died. In January. And I just caught whiff of it now on MDC via...
Me: Mops (1st and 3rd Wed of the month) Awana on Wed nights DS1 : Homeschool - First Grade Mon-Fri morning Soccer - Practice Mon/Wed night and games Saturdays. Awana - Wed nights (I just realized that this is going to conflict with soccer practice.) DS2: Homeschool - When he feels like it. Gymnastics - We haven't decided if we are going to do Tues and Thur mornings or just Sat mornings.
DH and I sat down and discussed our roles one day. He said naturally because I am a SAHM that I am the manager of the household. He then went on to say that even though I am the manager, if there is some task I haven't managed to get done because I am busy with the kids, then I am to let him know so he can help out! : What a wonderful and supportive thing to say to me. He realizes that kids are more important (especially since we are homeschooling) so the dishes might...
Quote: Originally Posted by janasmama That's okay, Jaden is now eating her food off her plate like a dog. I'm glad David hasn't tried that one yet. LOL!
It's amazing some of the things kids come up with. The other day, David informed me that he needed to go outside to pee. I asked him why. He replied "I want to pee like the dogs." I had a hard time not laughing at him. I gently explained that peeing outside was only allowed when a toilet wasn't handy.
I need to check and see if our library does this. I just got a collection notice telling me that I owe the library $152. I guess I need to find the books and return them.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama There is a new Star Wars movie coming out? Lord, I am OUT of it. I used to be fan. It is a new animated film called Star Wars - Clone Wars. It has a teenaged girl jedi in it. It is rated PG so I told the boys they could go and see it.
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